Month: June 2012

Finished the Sequel – Vote for Title

Last night, I completed the final touches on the sequel. Took care of formatting and all that fun stuff. I’m eager to get started on another story since I love the characters and setting in this series, but will take

Amaretto, Insomnia, and the Red Shoe Diaries

The last time I was on a writing deadline like this, a routine evolved — drink a glass of Amaretto, listen to Amy Winehouse, type until your fingers hurt, and wake up after a few hours of sleep to creep

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In Case I Didn’t Mention, the Cover is Ready!

Every time I look at it, I get giddy. I just bugged my husband and said, “Look, that’s the cover! Isn’t it awesome!” I want to blow it up and hang it in my office. Stay tuned for more… A

The Cover Arrived Today!

Today, I received the cover art for Smoldering Nights. I can’t describe the anticipation in the moment before opening the image. How will they picture the characters? Will it work with the story? Will it show the right tone? I

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