A Sneak Peek into Mark: A Marine and Billionaire Romance


“Since I pulled off the part of an old friend to get you out of your predicament, you can do something similar to get me out of mine,” Mark proposed.

Cora furrowed her brows. “How?”

“You pretend to be my girlfriend at the grand opening of my hotel on Saturday.”

Cora laughed. “That a bigger commitment than the thirty seconds where you acted like my old friend.”

Ah, she wasn’t easy to convince, intriguing him all the more. “True. I’ll make you an offer to sweeten the deal.”

She raised her chin. “Oh, and what are you planning to offer me, Mark?”

He fixed a steady gaze on her. “Escape.”

Find out what happens when these two opposites try to pull off a fake relationship!

Read Mark: a Marine and Billionaire Romance, the newest release in the Anchor Me series by USA Today Bestselling Author Lisa Carlisle!

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