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Underground Encounters Series

Step into Vamps, a thrilling new world of steamy paranormal romance featuring shifters, vampires, witches, and gargoyles.

SMOLDER (a vampire romance with shifters)

Damaged heroes, fated mates, and forbidden love….

Welcome to Vamps, where the statues are so much more than stone.

Escape into an underground gothic club that attracts sexy shifters, thirsty vampires, sensual witches, and gorgeous gargoyles.

Start the Underground Encounters series with Cursed, meeting the gargoyle guards who reappear in other stories in the series. Continue with Smolder, the steamy vampire romance that continues when the club owner’s past catches up to him.

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FIRE (a witch / firefighter romance)

FIRE audiobookDamaged heroes. Dangerous secrets.

Opposites attract in this fiery paranormal romance.

Who was she? Why did she have that light?

Tristan Stone avoids people due to his curse. But when he spots a woman dancing alone surrounded by an unusual glow, he must discover who she is and what gives her the radiating power.

“I don’t want to spoil the story but let me say this… you NEED to go and read this, NOW!” ~ 5 Candles from Satin Sheets Romance.

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IGNITE (a witch / firefighter romance)

A guarded shifter. A nerd turned rock star.

And a forbidden attraction that can’t be ignored…

Lily won’t consider a permanent relationship. When she meets the singer of a rock band at an underground nightclub, she’s disarmed by his sensual voice and mischievous good looks. After an icy introduction, Lily warms up to Nico’s charms.

He’s a computer geek by day, and rock star by night. How could she resist such a combination?

She can’t. But no one would understand her furry little secret. It could be dangerous. Especially during the full moon.

Yet, she might be the one in danger…

Don’t miss this Top Pick from Night Owl Reviews and The Romance Reviews!

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BURN (a vampire vs shifter enemies-to-lovers romance)

A vampire on the run.

A shapeshifting bounty hunter hired to capture her.

Who will outsmart whom?

Layla Black flees London, on the run from a master vampire. She reinvents herself as Angelica, the singer of an 80s metal cover band in Boston, but her past soon catches up to her.

Devon St. Clair, bounty hunter extraordinaire, is in hot pursuit of a thieving vampire. Vampires, he hated them. Capturing Layla should be a satifsying gig that nets a nice profit.

But Devon wasn’t counting on spitfire Layla being his target, distracting him from his mission. Besides, shapeshifters and vampires didn’t mix. And more bloodsuckers are on their tail.

The hunt is on. But, who will be predator, and who will be prey?

“This is a MUST read for anyone who likes shifters, vampires, and forbidden romance.” ~ Nerd Girl Official

“When you sit down to read about Devon and Layla, clear your schedule because you are going to want read this one from start to finish.” ~ a TOP PICK from The Romance Reviews!

If you like paranormal romance and 80s rock, don’t miss BURN!

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HEAT (a gargoyle shifter romance)

HEATA gargoyle statue that’s more than stone…

Tracy isn’t sure why she’s drawn to a particular statue in the Goth club where she works.

When her drunk ex threatens her after her shift, stone turns to flesh…

Danton shifts to protect Tracy, the woman he has longed for.

He only has 24 hours before he returns to stone. Can he convince her to spend it with him?

A Night Owl Reviews Top Pick!

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VAMPS – an Underground Encounters boxed set with shifters, vampires, and witches

Cursed heroes. Dangerous secrets. And forbidden love…

“I don’t want to spoil the story but let me say this… you NEED to go and read this, NOW!” ~ 5 Candles for FIRE from Satin Sheets Romance.

Shifters, vampires, gargoyles, and witches. Who will you meet at Vamps tonight?

Escape into a hot underground club, where the statues are so much more than stone.

Discover the secrets behind the gargoyle statues in CURSED. Meet three shifter brothers who vex a vindictive witch – and face her wrath.

Fall into forbidden attraction between a vampire and firefighter in SMOLDER. When Nike runs into her gym crush at an underground club, her reality and fantasy worlds collide…

Discover the irresistible, steamy temptation of opposites attracting in FIRE. When a witch haunted by darkness sees a woman surrounded by a bright glow, he must discover who she is. Why does she appear in light?

“A totally engrossing hot read. Lisa Carlisle has done it again. Each book in this series is better than the one before. I love this series the plot lines, the characters and the chemistry all so well done.”

“Lisa Carlisle has struck gold once again with “Fire” in her Underground Encounters Series. From the first page I couldn’t stop reading. Tristan and Maya are both strong main characters that will make the reader laugh, cry, and sit on the edge of their seats.”

Escape into this steamy paranormal romance series today! 

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Stone Sentries Series (Boston)

Tempted by the Gargoyle (a witch / gargoyle shifter romance)

Danger. Desire. And a forbidden attraction between a cop and shifter.

The eclipse of the red supermoon is coming. Humans hype the event as a night of passion. But, the gargoyles sense a threat.

Larissa, a police officer, wants nothing to do with the media-driven event pushing soulmates, but her friend convinces her they need a night out to move on. It will be their first night dancing since the attack. When they visit a Gothic-themed club, Larissa catches an attractive stranger watching her.

Roman, commander of the Stone Sentries, patrols from a Boston rooftop. When a blast of dark magic soars past him, he attributes it to a brunette. Something about her is different, demanding all senses be on high alert.

Is she dangerous? Or is she in danger?

Roman tracks Larissa to find out…

Perfect for fans of action-packed, steamy, and suspenseful paranormal and urban fantasy romance.

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Enticed by the Gargoyle (a witch / gargoyle shifter romance)

Are the demons truly gone?

The gargoyles remain on watch.

And her friend is trapped in an incubus-induced coma.

Larissa, a Boston police officer, encountered the red-winged monsters during their rampage. The chaotic aftermath prevents rest any time soon.

And a question remains unanswered–how was she able to combat demons using nothing but her hands?

Her new lover, Roman, a gargoyle shifter, believes it’s because she’s she’s a witch. Ridiculous, right? She’s a cop, like her dad. But, normal cops don’t shoot bolts of energy at demons…

When she glimpses another supernatural threat, Larissa struggles with the vision. Is it her imagination tormenting her?

Or worse–another premonition?

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Captivated by the Gargoyle (a witch / gargoyle shifter romance)

One demon remains.

Its targets are clear.

It wants Larissa’s magic and Janie’s soul.

After breaking through the demon’s darkness that imprisoned her best friend, Larissa has had enough of magic. She just wants to return to her normal life back on the police force.

But, the damn demons keep preventing that.

Roman, Commander of the Stone Sentries, plans to get Larissa and Janie to safety at the gargoyle compound. When a demon attacks his deputy and takes Janie, the mission turns into a hunt to track them down.

Larissa teams up with Roman and his team of gargoyle shifters to search Boston.

Where it takes them is even darker than her most terrifying premonitions.

Is there a way to save Janie before it’s too late?

Complete Larissa and Roman’s action-packed romance in their thrilling conclusion of the Stone Sentries trilogy.

“Captivated by the Gargoyle” exceeded my expectations! I was blown away from the start & did not want to stop whenever real life got in the way 😮 lol … I would give this 6 stars if I could for originality, well-defined characters, twists & turns and attention to detail!” ~ Goodreads reviewer

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