Blue or Gold? Help Me Pick the Cover for Enticed by the Gargoyle!

Update: Votes are in. The cover for Enticed by the Gargoyle will be…

Drum roll…


Thanks for voting!

I’m having a difficult time deciding between the blue and gold for book 2 in the series, Enticed by the Gargoyle. I love them both! I need your vote. Which do you prefer?

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136 thoughts on “Blue or Gold? Help Me Pick the Cover for Enticed by the Gargoyle!”

  1. Blue! It goes with the other two colors phenomenally. I love the gold too and it stands out on its own but as a set definitely the the blue. 🙂

  2. Cherri-Anne Boitson

    Well, first off – COOL COVERS! They ALWAYS catch my eye!

    I like both, but I think that blue flows better between the red & purple. Maybe the gold could bridge from the purple book to the one after… red, blue, purple, gold, ?green or silver… Just a thought! 🙂

    Cheers! xoxoxo

  3. Blue’s okay, but I love the gold! Just enhance the ab/muscle definition a tiny bit–kinds of ‘bleeds out’ otherwise.

  4. I like them both, but the gold jumps out at you. I’d definitely notice it on the book shelves, where I might not notice the blue.

  5. I think the gold goes best. The blue is a cool color while the others are warmer colors. I think the gold is warm too so it looks like part of a set while the blue stands apart from them. If that makes sense.

  6. Claudia Beukmann

    With the 2 red tones I prefer the blue. The gold makes the cover more “precious” – it does not feel equal any more.

  7. Belinda Sweeney

    Definetly blue!
    BLUE! LOL! I really love the blue cover best, want blue!!
    Best stop this or you will be sick of me already but blue it really is vol 2 ‘s cover easy choice!

  8. Gold stands out much more and draws the eye. Blue fits in better with the overall colour scheme. I do prefer Gold though.

  9. Mikaela Broadfoot

    I love both but I’d go with the blue purely for the fact that it fits between the other two better colour wise. Gold would work better if the next cover wasn’t purple ?

  10. Blue,it fits in with the other 2 covers better,though the gold is pretty,maybe it could be used on a different cover?

  11. If it’s a secret you don’t have to say,but I can tell by the covers that this story will also take place in Boston,but I’m wondering will the gargoyle be one that we met in bk 1 because our hero in bk 1 interacted with some of the other gargoyles,just curious lol

  12. I’d say Blue. It blends well with the other two covers. The gold is a little harsh for me.

    Blue – definitely.

  13. I love both! Blue is my favorite color, but in this instance, I think the gold one not only compliments the others, but also enhances and evokes the feel of the word “enticed”. But you really can’t go wrong with either cover.

  14. Blue, especially if the last is (will be? I’m sorry I’ve not read your work yet, but I’m hoarding it) really purple…after all, isn’t purple made of red and blue? My eyes find it utterly pleasing.

  15. Being blue is my favorite color, I would say blue, but the gold is very nice too. Blue blends well with the other colors, but than the gold makes it a nice addition, adds warmth/depth to the cover, either color makes a statement.

  16. The Gold . Since it is coming out at this wonderful fall weather . Yeah hard choice cause I like blue also .
    But everyone likes blue . I feel you should like what stands out , looks more the grab me color .
    You do nice covers anyway .


    Blue-flows better in the set. Then gold then green, because purple, gold and green make me think of Mardi Gras.

  18. I personally love the gold it’s inviting and since it’s getting cooler where I am it makes me think of a nice fire

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