Book Spotlight: Excerpt from Love Blind in the Thirst: Vampire Romance Boxed Set #thirst #thirstset

Today I’m sharing an excerpt from Claudia D. Christian’s Love Blind, which is part of the Thirst: Vampire Romance boxed set I’m also a part of.

Vampire romance

Thirst: An EIGHT Author Vampire Bundle of Edgy Vampires that THIRST for the one. Deliciously inhuman, paranormal sexiness! 


Are you THIRSTING for the unusual? Try thousand-year-old vampires, Latin and French vamps, vampire Earls, sexy Native American vampires and even berserker vampires! This bundle will slake your THIRST for otherworldly, hot and sexy, unique vampire stories. 

THIRST has EIGHT creative and original stories that prove, one little seductive bite doesn’t hurt. Only $0.99!
Vampire Berserker by Carl East: A vampire that needs to feed on other vampires in order to survive.

The Vampire and the Rose by Yvonne Anthony: Rose’s mother has often warned her to stay away from dark places—especially at night, but curious Rose will ignore the warnings, jumping headlong into danger with startling consequences.

Dark Velvet by Lisa Carlisle: Savannah is thrilled for her residency at an art colony where she meets the sculptor Antoine. She discovers his dark secret, putting her life in jeopardy.

Vampire Lords of Blacknall by Shirl Anders: Only a creature of the night can save her. Lady Beth never stays home in the evenings. She fears her evil stepbrother. Then a monster stalks her in the dark and she cannot tell beast from savior.

The Vixen Torn by J.E. & M. Keep: Anjasa has been through the worst parts of hell and come back from it wounded but stronger. A trained assassin and courtesan, she’s seen the worst in others… and herself.

When Comes the Night by Anita Dobs: Trying to leave a troubled past far behind, Stacy escapes to England, but gets more than she bargained for when she meets Rafe Hawkins, the mysterious C.E.O at the renowned Sirius Advertising Agency.

Ash: Before Dawn by Skye Eagleday: Ash drank deeply of the blood of his enemies at Custer’s Last Stand. Now the beautiful Native American Vampire hunts in the gay bars of Seattle, where he will face an ancient Vampire far more deadly than the troops at Little Big Horn. Will he and his new human lover be able to use his powers of seduction and warrior skills to survive until dawn?

Love Blind by Claudia D. Christian: 1978. Rio de Janeiro. Josephine made a desperate bargain with a vampire named Julio Alberto. Her life for another. Kept in a gilded cage, will she ever allow herself to truly love her charming captor?


Love Blind

Author: Claudia D. Christian
Title: Love Blind
Blurb: 1978. Rio de Janeiro. Josephine made a desperate bargain with a vampire named Julio Alberto. Her life for another. Kept in a gilded cage, will she ever allow herself to truly love her charming captor?


“You did a selfless thing.”

Josephine kept her stare on Susie as agony swelled in her breast, knowing this was the last time she’d ever see her or anything from her old life again. She couldn’t breathe. Blinking rapidly, Josephine managed to sound calm and unmoved. “You think so?”

“Of course.” Julio Alberto waited until Susie went inside the small house before instructing the driver to return to the airport.

“Will Susie get in trouble with the police?”


“Two girls end up…you know…and are last seen with her.”

“She’ll be fine.” He leaned over and whispered, “The driver is like me. You don’t need to speak in code.”

Josephine’s gaze flew to the stranger. She was surprised when he kept his attention on the road.

“Marco works for me, Josephine. He was with us when I met you here, in Rio, and now.”

“Ah.” There was nothing more to say. Josephine leaned her head back against the seat and closed her eyes.

It’s over.

“No, my little kitty. It’s not over.”

Josephine gasped. Her eyes flew open. It wasn’t a coincidence. He’d been inside her mind from the beginning.

“It’s far from over.” Julio Alberto ran the back of his fingers against her colorless cheek. “I thought your love cheap, easy to buy, and easier to forget. Was I wrong?”

Blackness suffocated her heart. Josephine managed to say through numb lips, “No, you were right. You were right about me all along.”

His warm smile unfurled, washing over Josephine in an attempt to stem the terror clogging her mind.

“We’ll see, my little kitty. We will see.”


* * *


Over twenty years had passed since that fateful night. Josephine quickly learned the men she had called monsters were beings known as vampires. She also learned vampires were but one of many more preternatural species that had been walking the earth since time memorial.

Beauty, supremacy, and material wealth were these creatures birthright. Such powers naturally extended to Halfbloods, like Julio Alberto, which in turn favored their closest companions.

As a result, Josephine had only aged the equivalent of two human days in the following decades. Kept on a steady diet of Julio Alberto’s blood, she would be a young woman for a very, very long time. Meaning Julio Alberto had virtually all the time in the world to divine infinite ways of tormenting Josephine if he so chose.

She shifted, feeling the hard bite of the wooden chair beneath her legs. The ebony scarf kept her blind. The scarlet one kept her wrists immobile. Naked, but not necessarily helpless, she waited for Julio Alberto to speak and proceed with whatever devilry he had planned.

Maybe I finally made him angry enough to end me? It wouldn’t surprise me. Then he could find someone more docile and eager to please. Not a nasty tempered bitch like myself.

Josephine sensed him circling her. Occasionally he’d reach out and touch her hair, mouth, thighs, and the part of her he owned between those open thighs.

“I tell you this is getting aggravating, Josephine. All these years later and you still carry these crazy thoughts around in your head, querida.”

“I can’t help it.”

“Yes, you can. You just choose not to at the moment because it’s easier.”

“It’s not—”

“Hush. Why do you think you’re still here?”

“I don’t know.”

He slapped her sex. “Don’t be tiresome, querida. Remember who you are talking to. We have some variation of this conversation every year on this night. I could set my watch by it. While I am a patient man, even this could wear down a saint’s soul. Let’s try a bit a variety this time. Let’s go for the complete truth, my little kitty.”

Josephine bit back a feral moan. “Tell me what you want me to say, Julio Alberto.”

“Always quick to play the whore, eh?”

She felt him crouch before her. She lifted her head high. “I’m not playing. It’s who I am, baby.”


“Liar. You’re no more whore than I am. You never were a true whore, Josephine, no matter how much you want to think otherwise.” Julio Alberto cupped her knees. “You know what I want from you.”

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