Book Spotlight: Letterboxing with Kids #kindle #letterboxing

letterboxing-coverLetterboxing with Kids
Lisa Cordeiro

This guide is geared for parents, teachers, troop leaders, and others who would like to take kids on adventures to discover hidden boxes. Letterboxing encourages you to discover new places, you follow clues to find a hidden letter box, similar to a treasure hunt. This guide will introduce you to the basics so you can get started.

You only need a few supplies that are reasonably priced, so it’s easy to get started. This guide will list what you need and includes a number of tips I’ve found work best with kids. There’s info on buying supplies, or if you’d like to incorporate crafts, you can design and carve your own stamps. It’s easier than it sounds. Plus, there is so much variety with letterboxes hidden around the world; it’s an activity that you can try whenever you like.

Once you try letterboxing, it’s hard not to get hooked. It combines the thrill of the hunt with a love of discovery of exploring new places, or rediscovering your own town. It’s a low-key adventure, away from crowds and expensive attractions and encourages you to get outside and explore.

I’ve gone letterboxing with my kids, nieces and nephews, and Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. They’ve all enjoyed the activity, even if we couldn’t find the letterbox. Isn’t there a saying about it being the journey, not the destination?

Available on Amazon: Letterboxing with Kids: A Guide to Getting Started

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