Book Spotlight: Two Releases by Maeve Alpin

I’m happy to share two releases by my good friend, Maeve Alpin. I’ve read and critiqued many of her stories and love her unique style. You must read these two stories!


As Timeless As Magic

Free today 9/7/14!

With her bell skirt and layers of petticoats knotted, Felicity straddles her motorized steam bicycle and rumbles down the streets of London. When a dark, handsome and half-naked bystander captures her attention, she crashes into a brick wall. After tinkering with a time machine, Heru, an ancient Egyptian, is swept through the ages to nineteenth century London. He rushes to the aid of a woman in ridiculous, conservative clothing, riding a noisy brass-horse. Once he lifts her into his arms, he doesn’t want to ever let her go. However, her father, will stop at nothing to steal the time machine. Heru needs to keep the time machine out of Felicity’s father’s hands and keep her safe from the man’s black-hearted machinations.

The Brass Octopus

New Release

brassSpinster Librarian Piety Plunkett is happy alone with her books, until her sister Polly transforms her with a bras octopus beautifying machine. With her new look, the librarian catches the lusty attentions of London’s most notorious rogue. Blake Blackmore enjoys the favors of beautiful women from the brothels of London to high society’s most fashionable debutantes but only the spinster librarian consumes his mind night and day. Piety insists she will not wed but devote her life to her position as head librarian, but Blake will stop at nothing to win her. He takes matters into his own hands and tutors her in carnal pleasure in three passion filled lessons. Now that she is sharing her body, instead of just her books, Piety is shocked yet pleased at how naughty she can be under Blake’s personal tutelage. But if anyone finds out about what goes on in the library after closing time, her reputation would be ruined. Is that Blake’ ultimate plan?

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