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Sprite Wedding

A Paranormal Romantic Comedy

Cruises are supposed to be relaxing. This one took an awkward turn.

On the sail home, my fun-loving, dragon shifter mate jumps on a table to dance. And then strip. Why the pixie dust would Lucas do that? Yes, he used to be an exotic dancer, but this is a public venue. 

To make things worse, my ex is on board and witnessed the mortifying incident. The same elf broke my heart. Now he’s interested in getting cozy again.

Trouble follows us home. My ex continues to pursue me, a woman lurks around Lucas’s house, and he is ensnared by a spell. If I don’t figure out what’s causing this chaos, I could lose Lucas forever. 

Zoe, Lucas, and the gang are back in Sprite Wedding. If you like paranormal romantic comedies, you'll love the Salem Supernaturals series with quirky characters, found family, magic, and mischief!

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Reviews:on Paranormal Romance Guild:

"This series is absolutely a must read for anyone who loves paranormal romance filled with Elves, a werewolf, a shifter dragon, witches, a vampire and more. Romance, surprises, amazing characters and fun." ~ 5 STARS

Bite Wedding

A Paranormal Chick Lit Novel

A siren and wolf shifter romcom!

Sirens in Salem? No, they can’t be back. 

I must have imagined them in the ocean. Something strange is going on, though. I’m in my twenties, and my hair is turning white.

When I wake up looking decades older, I freak out.

My wolf shifter boyfriend, Sebastian, can’t see me like this. He’s dealing with issues from his former pack. What I need is someone who knows if magic is involved. Frantic, I call my best friend, Nova, a witch.

My aging continues. Have I been cursed?

Can we stop it before I die of premature old age?

If you like paranormal romantic comedies, you'll love the Salem Supernaturals series with quirky characters, found family, magic, and mischief!

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Night Wedding

My vampire boyfriend is acting strange.

Is it the seven-month itch?

We’ve passed that milestone, but maybe our relationship has become routine. My best friend thinks I should spice things up. That might be easy for a half-siren, but I’m a witch. I can master spells, not seduction.

My awkward attempt proves it. I'll stick to dancing in clubs rather than my bedroom.

Although Diego claims nothing’s wrong with us, he’s still distant. He’s keeping something from me, but what?

Then I learn his gorgeous ex is in Salem, and she wants him back.

Vamp, please. You had your chance.

Is she the reason he’s acting weird? I need to up my game and save him from this walking nightmare. The last time they were together, she broke his heart and stole his mortal life.

I may not have her grace or immortality, but I’m not losing my vampire without a fight.


Awkward encounters, found families, and odd roommates. Fans of New Girl and What We Do in the Shadows will love the Salem Supernaturals series – paranormal chick lit with romance, comedy, and suspense!


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White Mountain Shifters

A Fated Mates and Forbidden Love Shifter Collection

White Mountain Shifters

Mates were trouble. That’s why Damon must refuse his wolf.

Pack enforcer Damon is reluctant to find his mate after his father went mad losing his. When Damon meets Sophie, the attraction is overwhelming, but he must let her go.

And he regrets it.

Later, he detects Sophie’s scent while on patrol at his pack’s ski mountain. She may be in trouble. He must follow her.

But she’s stepped into another pack's forbidden territory.

If Damon crosses the boundary, he'll break the treaty with their rivals.

Mates weren’t just trouble, they could lead a shifter to spark a war…

If you like forbidden romance with drama, suspense, and danger, you’ll love this steamy shifter series.

Fated mates, enemies-to-lovers, billionaires, cozy cabins, and breathtaking scenery. Escape into the magic of the White Mountains in this hot new collection!

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Dancing with My Elf

A Paranormal Chick Lit Novel

A delusional dragon shifter thinks I need his help. 

Ha. I'm a detective. Why would I need help from an exotic dancer on a case that involves dark magic? We're searching for demons, not dollars. 

Lucas is persistent, as if he knocked some sense loose flying too close to the sun. 

But I don't need this scaly shifter's help solving crimes. Or his all-too-personal attention. 

Even if he entrances me while he dances by rolling his amazingly chiseled abs... 

Such fine abs.

No, focus. Demons are a bigger threat than my dry spell. 

So whatever he's offering, is a big, fat nope. 

Fated mates and awkward introductions.  Fans of New Girl and Lucifer will love the Salem Supernaturals series - paranormal chick lit with a splash of romance, comedy, and mystery!


Hot in Witch City

A Paranormal Chick Lit Novel

A wolf shifter thinks I'm his mate.

Not going to happen.

I'm half-siren and all single. No way am I giving up my freedom for some delusional furball.

Even if he's kind of cute. And considerate. And has warm eyes.

Besides, I have enough going on with running my retro rock club. And when an unexpected relative shows up there one night, it shakes me to the core.

The last thing I need is to add another complication to my life, especially something as mundane as monogamy.

Fans of New Girl and What We Do in the Shadows will love the quirky roommates in the Salem Supernaturals series - paranormal chick lit with romance, comedy, and mystery!




Nova motioned behind her. “And this is Sebastian.”

This guy was as dark as Lucas was light and had a full beard. His expression was dead serious, the opposite of Lucas’s friendly smile.

“Hey, Sebastian.” I greeted him with a pleasant smile.

His mouth opened, but nothing came out. He stared at me, and I sighed. This wasn’t unusual. I attributed this effect to my siren blood. What exactly that meant, I didn’t know for sure. My mother abandoned me soon after I was born and took with her all the answers to the questions about that side of me. I’d never forgive her for it.

His nostrils flared, and he gazed at me with curiosity, like I was an undiscovered flower species.

Sebastian stepped closer—too close. Into my personal space.

When he sniffed me, I backed away. “What are you doing?”

“It’s you,” he declared with a fascinated but wary glance. “You're the one who’s been driving my wolf crazy.”


I huffed. “I don't know what you're talking about, Sebastian, since we haven’t met until now.” Planting my hands on my hips, I said, “Quite an odd first impression, I might add.”

His eyes flashed with amber amid the dark brown, and he leaned closer. “It’s your scent.” He inhaled once more. “I know it. I’ve smelled it at our house and—” he glanced around, “—here at the club.”

A low, vibrating growl rumbled from his chest.

“Get yourself under control,” Lucas warned under his breath.

Holy tridents. I pointed at Sebastian’s chest. “Are you insane? You can’t let your animal side out in public.”

Sebastian’s eyes glowed brighter, almost golden, as he stared at me. He released a low, mournful moan that sounded more wolf than human. “Mine.”

“Oh no,” I groaned and stepped back. A possessive wolf. “I’m most definitely not yours. And don’t even think about shifting in here.”


Mark: a Marine and Billionaire Romance

She's a Marine. He's a billionaire.

Can these opposites pull off a fake relationship?

After a broken engagement, Cora is done with dating. She wants to finish out her final year in the military stationed in Okinawa, Japan, without any more complications. Then one night, she pulls an attractive stranger into a ruse to escape an uncomfortable situation.

Mark is intrigued by this beautiful woman who fabricates a story of them being old friends. He grew up a military brat and wants nothing to do with that world. But he could use their instant relationship to ward off attempts at being set up at the grand opening of his resort next weekend.

So he makes her an offer she can't refuse--escape.

All she has to do is pretend to be his girlfriend and then she'll be pampered with all the luxury his resort has to offer.

One night. One fake date. A perfect plan.

What could go wrong?


Find out what happens next in this Cinderella-inspired military romance!

If you like opposites attract and fake relationship romances, you'll love Mark and Cora’s story.

Escape into the Anchor Me series with USA Today Bestselling Author Lisa Carlisle with Navy SEALs, Marines, and hometown heroes!

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Rebel Spell

A Paranormal Chick Lit Novel

A witch without magic. A vampire without a cause.

And a mysterious death that brings them under the same roof.


When I learn I’ve inherited a house in Salem, I’m sure it’s a mistake.

Besides, I have zero desire to return to a town where I’m an outcast.

The surprises continue when I meet my tenants, including a broody vampire and a foodie wolf shifter.

But I’m only staying around long enough to sell my long lost aunt’s house.

Even when they convince me to go to a Halloween ball.

Even when I agree to pretend to be the vampire’s girlfriend.

Even when I discover his softer and oh-so-sexier side.

Because a witch without magic in Salem makes as much sense as a pig with wings. And I’ve never seen one fly.


Fans of New Girl and What We Do in the Shadows will love to sink their teeth into the Salem Supernaturals series - paranormal chick lit romances with a splash of romance, comedy, and mystery!


The Alpha and His Enemy Wolf

A Howls Romance

Negotiations have failed. War is brewing between rival packs.

Mila, a Sacco wolf, is more than happy to sabotage operations at a rival's ski resort. They'd killed an enforcer, breaking the treaty between the packs. But she's caught red-handed and brought to the alpha of the Franconia pack.

When Rafe meets Mila, the recognition shocks him. She's not only his enemy--she's his mate.

Now what?

He's been searching for his mate for years. How can she belong to a rival pack?

Rafe makes her an offer. He'll hold off on retaliation against her pack if she spends one week with him.

Can Mila survive seven days week without succumbing to her wolf's desires to her fated enemy?


The Wolf and His Forbidden Witch

Tensions are brewing between the packs.

After a wolf from another pack has been killed, Grayson, beta of the Franconia pack and CFO of a mountain resort, strives to avoid more bloodshed. When negotiations sour, he brings in a witch as an outside mediator.

Aurora heads to the White Mountains to mediate between wolf packs. Wolf shifters are notorious for their stubborn, territorial nature. She wants to hurry up and finish the job, and return back to Salem.

But when she meets Grayson, he’s unlike anyone she’s ever met. She promises to help him save his pack. Yet, an unexpected attraction grows.

Grayson recognizes Aurora as his mate, but he must ignore the yearning.

They must work together to prevent a pack war, not fall prey to temptation...

Fated mates and forbidden love. Escape into the magic of the White Mountains with the Franconia shifters.

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