Bite Wedding

A Paranormal Chick Lit Novel

A siren and wolf shifter romcom!

Sirens in Salem? No, they can’t be back. 

I must have imagined them in the ocean. Something strange is going on, though. I’m in my twenties, and my hair is turning white.

When I wake up looking decades older, I freak out.

My wolf shifter boyfriend, Sebastian, can’t see me like this. He’s dealing with issues from his former pack. What I need is someone who knows if magic is involved. Frantic, I call my best friend, Nova, a witch.

My aging continues. Have I been cursed?

Can we stop it before I die of premature old age?

If you like paranormal romantic comedies, you'll love the Salem Supernaturals series with quirky characters, found family, magic, and mischief!

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