Dark Velvet

He’s a gifted sculptor. A successful billionaire. And insanely attractive.

In other words, complete out of the league of a struggling grad student like me.

I shouldn’t think of Antoine as anything other than my benefactor. I’m only here on a scholarship at the art colony due to his generosity.

The way he looks at me from those smoldering eyes does nothing to stifle this forbidden desire.

But when I discover his secret, the truth is overwhelming.

Can I walk away?

Distracted by this decision, I’m blind to the danger on the island.

And the cost just might be my life.


DARK VELVET is the first book in the Chateau Seductions series.

Join the fans who have discovered a world unlike any other in Lisa Carlisle's series with vampires, gargoyles, and wolf shifters!

Full of fiery, forbidden romance and irresistible, misunderstood heroes, this series will captivate fans of steamy paranormal romance and lovers of all things gothic!

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"Lisa Carlisle's Dark Velvet is a darkly sensual vampire story with lots of depth and spice to the story. The story is action-packed with smoldering sex scenes. It will grab the reader's attention from the start and never let go."

"The setting on DeRoche Island was beautiful, and felt like it was from another time. The chemistry between Savannah and Antoine is sure to draw the reader in as well. 
Dark Velvet is the first novella in the Chateau Seduction series. I am very excited to read Carlisle’s next installment!"

"Dark Velvet has a dark eroticism that makes you want to be Savannah. It is a book that is a good, quick and darkly thrilling read." 

“...insanely hot chemistry between the female protagonist Savannah & vampire Antoine.  Their intensity starts off right away and you're not a chapter in before it takes off like a rocket!”

“Sexy, dark, full of intrigue, art, and paranormal sexiness, Dark Velvet has it all in one hot package!”

“An Enchanting Story, as rich and sexy as Dark Velvet  - This is a seductive Gothic tale that will draw you in from the first page.”

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