Night Wedding

My vampire boyfriend is acting strange.

Is it the seven-month itch?

We’ve passed that milestone, but maybe our relationship has become routine. My best friend thinks I should spice things up. That might be easy for a half-siren, but I’m a witch. I can master spells, not seduction.

My awkward attempt proves it. I'll stick to dancing in clubs rather than my bedroom.

Although Diego claims nothing’s wrong with us, he’s still distant. He’s keeping something from me, but what?

Then I learn his gorgeous ex is in Salem, and she wants him back.

Vamp, please. You had your chance.

Is she the reason he’s acting weird? I need to up my game and save him from this walking nightmare. The last time they were together, she broke his heart and stole his mortal life.

I may not have her grace or immortality, but I’m not losing my vampire without a fight.


Awkward encounters, found families, and odd roommates. Fans of New Girl and What We Do in the Shadows will love the Salem Supernaturals series – paranormal chick lit with romance, comedy, and suspense!


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