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Underground Encounters series

HEAT was named A TOP PICK from Night Owl Reviews!

Step into Vamps, a thrilling new world of steamy paranormal romance featuring sexy shifters, thirsty vampires, wicked witches, and gorgeous gargoyles!

Paranormal / gargoyle / vampire / shapeshifter

Books in the Underground Encounters series

Chateau Seductions series

Dark PursuitA complete series, set at an art colony on a remote New England island.

“Dark Velvet has a dark eroticism that makes you want to be Savannah. It is a book that is a good, quick and darkly thrilling read.” 

Paranormal / gargoyle / vampire / shapeshifter

Books in the Chateau Seductions series

 Highland Gargoyles Series


Knights of Stone: BryceA Shapeshifter Romance series

Gargoyles, tree witches, and shifters have divided their Scottish isle. When a witch breaches into another territory, she’s tempted by a forbidden attraction that may affect the future for all.

Books in the Highland Gargoyles series

Stone Sentries

Tempted by the GargoyleA New Adult,  Shifter/Witch Romance series

Meet your perfect match this Saturday night—or your perfect match for the night.

Roman, a gargoyle shifter and commander of the Stone Sentries, patrols from the rooftop of a club on the night of the eclipse. The Supermoon bodes danger and he puts all his sentries on watch. When a blast of dark magic soars past him, he searches for its origin and fixes on a brunette. Something about her is different, demanding all senses be on high alert. Is she dangerous? Or is she in danger?


Stone Sentries

 Military Romance

Temptation ReturnsA New Adult,  Military Romance series

Antonio returns from the Marine Corps to begin a new life as a civilian. While visiting Cape Cod, he meets a strange woman who reads his Tarot cards. He doesn’t believe in such nonsense; after all, he’s a Marine. When he returns to Boston, he receives a ticket to a rock club where he runs into the one woman he never forgot.

Lina can’t believe Antonio is back in town, right before her wedding. Being around him again resurrects long-buried feelings. Will she be able to resist temptation in the form of a dark-haired Italian Marine, the same man who once broke her heart?

Military Romance


Contemporary Standalone


Better than Cake

“A delightful short story that shows the impact words can make but how love, determination, and forgiveness can right the wrong.” 

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