Highland Gargoyles Series

Knights of Stone: Mason

Book 1

MasonMeet five gargoyle shifter brothers…

Forbidden love. Highland shifters. An enemies-to-lovers romance.

“If you like shifter books, romance, and hot alpha men, you have to read this series.” ~ 5 Stars from Alpha Book Club!

It’s shifter versus witch on a divided Scottish island.

Few have dared to cross the boundaries

Until now…

Kayla, a witch, knows it is forbidden to cross into gargoyle territory. But the draw of their unconventional music is too tempting. She sneaks away from the witches’ forest.

Mason, a gargoyle shifter, plans to seduce the pixie-like female in the audience. But when he discovers she’s a tree witch, an enemy to his kind, he must stay away.

Temptation grows strong…

But other elements command their attention.

Something more dangerous haunts the wolf shifters of the isle.

The full moon is coming.

And with magical veil protecting the island thinning, there will be blood…

If you like shifters in kilts and forbidden paranormal romance, you’ll be hooked by this series!

Meet these five brothers in this complete series today!

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A Romance Reviews Top Pick!

A STAFF PICK at All Romance!

“Well now, I have decided that I want to visit this mysterious isle as often as possible, I love the mystical ambiance, the sexy gargoyle brothers (kilts…need I say more?) and fascinating world which held me hostage from the very beginning…” ~ Night Owl Reviews

“A Hot Witch and a Hotter Gargoyle??? A steamy good read!” ~ Gabi, Guilty Pleasures

“This is the first time that I have come across gargoyle shifters, though, and I must say: Wow! I wasn’t sure what to expect from this, but I was duly impressed. Carlisle has built a very different, imaginative, and complex world that was a lot of fun to get lost in.” ~ The Novel Girl Reads

“The author’s concept of gargoyles is quite unlike any of the previous gargoyle books I’ve read. I also liked both primary characters… I would recommend KNIGHTS OF STONE: MASON to anyone who enjoys paranormal urban fantasy romances.” ~ Reading Between the Wines Book Club

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Knights of Stone: Lachlan

Book 2

LachlanAs the new alpha of his gargoyle clan, Lachlan takes on a leadership role at the historic peace talks between the wolf shifters and tree witches. Cooperation is crucial to their survival. The magical veil over the Isle of Stone is weakening. But unity is hard to achieve when tensions are running high. So is Lachlan’s concentration when a sexy wolf shifter rushes to the talks. Her wild beauty is mesmerizing.

Raina has her hands full with pack problems, from pack mates succumbing to blood lust to animosity toward her species. The source of her problems is clear-the gargoyles. If they hadn’t lured the humans to the island with their unconventional rock concerts, she wouldn’t have to deal with the fallout. She wants nothing to do with them, especially their alpha. His not-so-surreptitious glances are hard to miss. Nope. Not the kind of attention she needs. She’s heard rumors of the rebellious, attention-seeking rockers–and of their endless string of females.

But when humans come to investigate the wolf attacks, Lachlan and Raina must work together to coerce them off the island. And time spent together sparks a forbidden attraction. If unexpected love were their only problem, they’d be able to deal with it. It’s not. Time is running out, for them and their island.

“I started reading this book and in what seemed like minutes I was hooked. I could not put this book down. It was funny, sexy, and fascinating.”
“If you like shifter books, romance, and hot alpha men, you have to read this series. These magical creatures will bring a smile to your face and maybe put you in a happy place.” ~ 5 Stars from Alpha Book Club!

“This is a fantastic story about three different types of beings… the ending is quite beautiful!” ~ 2 Girls Who Love Books blog

“Man do I love these gargoyles! They are hot and Rock Stars and, and…I just love them! I loved rough and tumble Lachlan’s story.” ~ Read Our Thoughts Book Blog

“…a yummy, sexy, action-packed, well-paced and thoroughly enjoyable installment in this series.The author’s original take on gargoyles is quite refreshingand I liked both primary characters. I also enjoyed catching up with Mason and Kayla, the gargoyle/tree witch pairing from the first book. I recommend this series to anyone who enjoys unique paranormal urban fantasy romances.” ~ Reading Between the Wines Book Club

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Knights of Stone: Bryce

Book 3

BryceWhat happens when love interferes with plans, during the most unfortunate of times?

Gargoyle shifter, and the last of her clan, Mairi, is running for her life, desperate to keep hidden. When she spots two winged creatures flying high above her in the Highlands of Scotland, she momentarily panics, thinking they’re the same beasts who murdered her family along with her entire clan. Realizing they’re gargoyles like her, she takes flight and discreetly follows them to an island.

Bryce, beta of his clan and drummer for the Knights of Stone, senses something is amiss on the Isle of Stone. At first, he believes he’s merely discomfited by the rumors of atrocities occurring in the Highlands. However, he discovers an intruder on the magically-concealed island home. Once he ascertains that the flame-haired beauty is the sole survivor of a traumatizing attack, he returns to the Highlands to warn his former clan.

Somewhere between cautioning the clan and realizing the necessity of destroying the beasts that threaten them all, Mairi and Bryce discover an attraction that quickly evolves into a consuming passion. A problem even greater than the murderous fiends becomes apparent – the love they share may not survive the battle.

For a unique shifter romance series with hot men in kilts, read about the brothers in the Knights of Stone today!

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“The first I’ve read from this author or series, I’m more than a little obsessed with Gargoyles now. Of course, I always was intrigued by them, and have read several wonderful stories that feature gargoyles, but this series centered around a Highland Clan full of Gargoyle shifters was just too intriguing to pass up.” ~ The Jeep Diva

Knights of Stone: Bryce by Lisa Carlisle is a spicy, seductive, passionate, and witty read. The story of a forever bachelor who is resigned to never mating and a female who has watched the brutal murder of her entire clan coming together and taking us on an adventure ride and seduces our hearts with their passion… This book and series is a MUST read! ~ Sensuous Reviews

“Mairi and Bryce fall in love hard and fast. I must say that it takes a talented author to make this sort of thing work, and Ms. Carlisle has certainly pulled it off in this story.”
“The pacing is great, and I was so wrapped up in their story that I read the entire book in one sitting. I recommend fans of paranormal romance pick up a copy of Knights of Stone: Bryce today.” ~ Long and Short Reviews

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Book 4

SethA Highland Wolf Shifter Romance in the series

Seth, wolf shifter and beta of his island’s pack, had his life planned out. He’d mate with the alpha’s daughter and eventually they’d rule the pack with her. When she chooses another shifter as her mate, his pride is wounded and future with the pack is threatened. Lost and betrayed, he sets off to find his destiny – or die trying.

Hailey, a park ranger in the Scottish Highlands, is on a mission to save wolves – including the one she rescues from a watery grave. When she treats the wolf’s injury, she’s in for the surprise of her life.

Seth knows better than to trust a human – even one as irresistible as curvy, principled Hailey. Before long, he’s not just struggling to survive – he’s struggling to resist his attraction to Hailey. His wolf promotes a course of action that would change his destiny and put his life in danger. What’s a wolf to do when his heart interferes with his pride?

reviewertoppick2A Night Owl Reviews Top Pick!

Five Shooting Stars and Shining Star Award from Redz World Reviews!

“If you love Scottish romances, paranormal romances or curvy girl romances this is a great choice. And if you’re like me, enjoy all three, then its jackpot especially when you add in the men in kilts!”

“I loved the previous books in this series, so I just knew I would love this one too. After leaving his pack and being rescued from drowning Seth meets Hailey. These two have an instant connection… This is a very well written story and I loved every word of it. I look forward to reading more from this series.”

“I love all the books of this series, some seriously HOT shifters. BUT this story is very different with a vertical innovative storyline! I really enjoyed it, I couldn’t put it down.”

“Fast paced and with strong scenes that will make you smile and cry and get so freaking upset this book is another great addition to Lisa Carlisle’s series.
A rollercoster of emotions and wonderfully written scenes that make you think you are in Scotland…and if you have been there it makes you miss it.
A must read!!!”

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Knights of Stone: Calum

Book 5

CalumA Gargoyle and Pegasus Shifter Romance

When a short-term mission turns into a battle between love and duty…

Calum lives for thrills both on and off stage as lead singer of the Knights of Stone. During a night flight, he witnesses a dragon chasing a pegasus and his gargoyle instincts kick in. When the rescued pegasus turns out to be a beautiful shifter named Arielle, he sets off on a dangerous mission to help her.

Arielle never should have wandered from her pegasi herd. Not only did she attract the attention of a dragon who wants to steal her magic, but they’ve ended up lost in another realm. If she even makes it through the night, how will she ever return home?

Calum and Arielle’s chance encounter in the Scottish Highlands turns into something more. Can Calum help Arielle return to her realm, when he wants to convince her to stay?

For a hot Highland shifter series set on a mystical isle shared by gargoyles, tree witches, and wolf shifters, meet the brothers in the Knights of Stone today!

“Wow!! This book was awesome!”

“We get the youngest brother Callum’ story here and wow what a great sexy story it is.” ~ Book Nook Nuts

“I loved this short story in the Knights of Stone Series, I just wish it had been a bit longer cause I love to read about these hot gargoyle rock stars, I absolutely love when they get on stage and rock the world!”

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Stone Cursed

Book 6

Locked in stone.

On his night off from sentry duty, gargoyle shifter Alec heads out for a night flight. When he spots a strange green light, he soars closer to investigate.

And is caught…

Veda has had doubts about Kai since they left their coven to seek ley lines in the Scottish Highlands. When he curses a gargoyle with dark magic, she’s forced to act. How can she free the gargoyle from his stone prison without invoking Kai’s notorious wrath?

Stone Cursedis a standalone novella in the Highland Gargoyles series.

If you’re a fan of the Zodiac Shifter novels, you’ll love meeting this Taurus shifter who is as sensual as he is stubborn.


“This Gargoyle Shifter Romance is more than just your run of the mill romance novel. Lisa Carisle has written a strong story with main characters that the reader will fall in love with and root for. “

“Stone Cursed: Taurus, Zodiac Shifters Highland Gargoyles Book 6″ is a sexy read with a built in adventure ride of a story that is well worth a reader’s time. Lisa Carlisle is a talented author who transports the reader into her magical world and sets it against the beauty of the Scottish Highlands that she describes with as much passion as her heroes and heroines share.”  ~ Night Owl Reviews

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Knights of Stone: Gavin

Book 7

His brothers have all found mates.

Gavin won’t make that same mistake.

Why commit to one woman when so many lovely lassies come to their shows?

When he meets Fiona, he can’t keep away. But, she’s human. Human.

And dangerous. She could expose the secrets of his clan. Gavin should run from her, but flirting with danger is far too tempting…

Knights of Stone: Gavin is the thrilling conclusion in a hot shifter romance with a Highland touch and a hard hit of rock romance. 

If you like hot men in kilts, dark paranormal thrills, and forbidden love, then you’ll be hooked by the Highland Gargoyles Series!

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