Immortal Resistance

Immortal Resistance

The Makara Coven turned Nalia away when she was a child. Now she must return to save her village.

With vampires squeezing life out of the division, Nalia swallows her revulsion and pride to take on the distasteful task of venturing to the witches to enlist them as allies. But when her guard is attacked during their trek, she’s stranded in the Himalayan forests.

Starved for blood after being locked in the temple prison, Vikas stumbles through the woods seeking sustenance on his way back to his cabin. He tracks an enticing scent, the promise of a delicious meal, which leads him to a woman alone in the woods. He offers to help her–but at a cost.

When a vampire–a vampire!–offers to help Nalia, she must choose the best option for survival–not only for herself, but for everyone counting on her. If she makes the wrong decision, it may be a fatal mistake.

IMMORTAL RESISTANCE is a standalone contribution to the Berkano Vampire collection. Stories can be read in any order.