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Amaretto, Insomnia, and the Red Shoe Diaries

The last time I was on a writing deadline like this, a routine evolved — drink a glass of Amaretto, listen to Amy Winehouse, type until your fingers hurt, and wake up after a few hours of sleep to creep

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In Case I Didn’t Mention, the Cover is Ready!

Every time I look at it, I get giddy. I just bugged my husband and said, “Look, that’s the cover! Isn’t it awesome!” I want to blow it up and hang it in my office. Stay tuned for more… A

The Cover Arrived Today!

Today, I received the cover art for Smoldering Nights. I can’t describe the anticipation in the moment before opening the image. How will they picture the characters? Will it work with the story? Will it show the right tone? I

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Vampires for Mother’s Day

I love good vampire stories and movies. This Mother’s Day, I decided to kickoff a spring watching some old favorite movies. And since I have a vampire novella coming out soon, why not get a glass of red wine and

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Writing and Insomnia Go Hand in Hand

Are you ever lying in bed, trying to sleep, when lines of dialogue come to you? Characters start to form? Story parts come into your head? When I’m in full writing mode, it’s difficult to sleep. The second my head

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Received My Author Packet

I must say it’s a great feeling to receive an Author’s packet and being welcomed to a group. As a writer, you often work on your own on a project for months, if not years. Then once you sign the

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Smoldering Nights

Very excited to announce that I just signed a contract with Ellora’s Cave. They will soon be publishing my novella Smoldering Nights. I’ve met a few Ellora’s Cave authors at Epicon in 2010 and I’m very proud to be joining

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