Amaretto, Insomnia, and the Red Shoe Diaries

The last time I was on a writing deadline like this, a routine evolved — drink a glass of Amaretto, listen to Amy Winehouse, type until your fingers hurt, and wake up after a few hours of sleep to creep around the house, scribbling lines and plot points on note pads.

This time, Amy Winehouse has been replaced by older CDs — the Essential Nina Simone and movie soundtracks (Queen of the Damned, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and the Red Shoe Diaries).

Whatever works works, right?
What works for you?

The Cover Arrived Today!

Today, I received the cover art for Smoldering Nights. I can’t describe the anticipation in the moment before opening the image.

How will they picture the characters?

Will it work with the story?

Will it show the right tone?

I opened it and stared for one long moment. They look so real. And so HOT! Look at him — he’s a perfect Luc. Oh yeah, I’d want him, too…

Um, ahem. What was I writing again? Oh yes, the cover art.

She looks just stunning. I love the intensity in her eyes. And the fire on the bottom is an awesome touch.

Then there’s my name. This is actually the cover to my book! My first book with Ellora’s Cave.

I’m working on the sequel now — a story that keeps coming to me as I write — the story and characters coming more alive each day. Well, last night there was a Word mishap and I lost two days of writing. Two days of scenes I really liked! So I was forlorn all morning thinking about how I could have spent all that time reading, spending time with family or friends, or just staring out the window if I felt like it. And then, this cover arrived at the perfect moment to inspire me to keep on writing.

Here it is — the cover!

Smoldering Nights
By Lisa Carlisle

What do you think?

Vampires for Mother’s Day

I love good vampire stories and movies. This Mother’s Day, I decided to kickoff a spring watching some old favorite movies. And since I have a vampire novella coming out soon, why not get a glass of red wine and celebrate. Nothing like escaping to a world of immortality after a long day at work.

I started with Queen of the Damned. What a great soundtrack.

When I saw Blade 2 while flipping through the channels, I added that to the list. Blade 1 and 2 are awesome. Then I added Interview with the Vampire, a book I’ve read many times and movie I’ve seen even more so. I’m going to watch Bram Stoker’s Dracula tonight, which I haven’t seen in 10-15 years. The soundtracks to Interview and Dracula are great as well and have been using them as background music as I write my new novella this week. It does get you into a weird state of mind after a few hours, I must say. Haha!

Maybe add the old Fright Night movie and Lost Boys as well.

All this is helping me cope with my True Blood withdrawal. It’s the one show that I’m addicted to. I’m reading Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse books, but trying not to get too far ahead of the show. My sister recommended the UK version of Being Human. If you’ve watched it, what do you think?

What other vampire movies do you recommend? What stories?

Hopefully no werewolves or zombies. Not a fan at all!

Writing and Insomnia Go Hand in Hand

Are you ever lying in bed, trying to sleep, when lines of dialogue come to you? Characters start to form? Story parts come into your head?

When I’m in full writing mode, it’s difficult to sleep. The second my head hits the pillow, the lines start forming and reshaping in my head. I argue with myself — just go to sleep; you can write them down in the morning. No, get up and write them NOW. You don’t want to forget.

I’ve learned to leave a writing pad in my nightstand so I can write them down. So this morning, I’m looking over my illegible scrawls trying to decipher what I meant.

But, I’m very excited to be back in writing mode. I enjoy it much more than revision mode. Everything is fresh and exciting. I haven’t read the same words dozens of times, trying to find ways to improve it.

I love the characters so far and the dialog so far. But hey, I’m only at 250 words. I don’t know where it’s going yet.

Stay tuned for more info in this new story with some characters and scenery from Smoldering Nights!

Received My Author Packet

I must say it’s a great feeling to receive an Author’s packet and being welcomed to a group. As a writer, you often work on your own on a project for months, if not years. Then once you sign the contract, you’re part of a team. You share your story with publishers, editors, graphic artists, reviewers, readers, etc. It’s no longer just your project. You’re letting your creation grow up and enter the world, in a way.

I wrote Smoldering Nights for fun. I didn’t have any readers in mind, but was just letting my imagination go wild. I tried rock climbing one summer so that ended up in the story. I love the setting of a goth/rock club so that’s where Nike and Luc talk for the first time. I love the Gloucester area of Massachusetts and coastal Maine, so I threw that in as well. And anyone who knows me knows I’ve loved the vampire myth for as long as I can remember.

So imagine my surprise when I sent this story out to one publisher and they offered me a contract for it?

Now that was an awesome feeling. Too bad I was reading the email on my Droid and I threw it up into the air out of excitement. Then it crashed to the ground. It works, but it’s acting funny. Oh well, small price to pay to have this story published.

Smoldering Nights

Very excited to announce that I just signed a contract with Ellora’s Cave. They will soon be publishing my novella Smoldering Nights. I’ve met a few Ellora’s Cave authors at Epicon in 2010 and I’m very proud to be joining them.

Stay tuned for more info on Smoldering Nights. In the meantime, check out my author site at www.lisacordeiro.com.