Editing and Author Services

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This edit is done after a developmental or content edit. Focus is on grammar, spelling, usage, punctuation, and clarity. 



A final check after a line/copyedit to prepare your book for publication. Focus is on spelling, punctuation, and typos.

Book Formatting

Ebook $35
Print $40

Reach out so we can talk about what your book and your timeline. Let me know the genre, length, stage of development, and any deadlines. Is it an early draft or polished? If I have an opening, I’ll review the first 2,000 words of your manuscript free of charge and provide a quote. 

I particularly like to work on romance novels, especially paranormal, contemporary, romantic comedy, and suspense.

My credentials: I’ve been writing and editing for 25 years, both in fiction and nonfiction. I’ve published over forty books, mostly paranormal and contemporary romance. I received a graduate degree in English and American Literature from Harvard University’s School of Extension Studies and undergraduate degrees in both comparative literature and psychology from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Since 2013, I’ve worked with many authors to improve their manuscripts. Currently, I freelance edit for a small publisher. 

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