Excerpt 2 from Knights of Stone: Calum #dragons #pegasus

When a short-term mission turns into a battle between love and duty…

Calum lives for thrills both on and off stage as lead singer of the Knights of Stone. During a night flight, he witnesses a dragon chasing a pegasus and his gargoyle instincts kick in. When the rescued pegasus turns out to be a beautiful shifter named Arielle, he sets off on a dangerous mission to help her.

Arielle never should have wandered from her pegasi herd. Not only did she attract the attention of a dragon who wants to steal her magic, but they’ve ended up lost in another realm. If she even makes it through the night, how will she ever return home?

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Arielle’s wings slashed through the air. The dragon continued its pursuit, over the forests.

She’d been exploring a watering hole beyond the fairies’ woodlands, far from where her pegasi herd lived. A massive creature with ruby-colored scales descended into the peaceful space.

How foolish she’d been to wander so far away from others. A terrible habit of hers. Her separation had made her an easy target. She flew for her life as the dragon sprang in her direction.

She beat her wings like they were already on fire, slicing through the air to escape the fiend that pursued her. Adrenaline coursed through her veins, her flight instinct fully engaged. A wave of heat reached her, making her drop lower in the sky. The scent of singed fur filled her nostrils.

Her flight instinct amped up to hyper-speed. She had to escape the dragon. Pegasi were one of the most mystical and magical of supernatural creatures. Their blood could provide a surge of unparalleled power and energy and was highly sought by those who wished to exploit it. Their manes had healing powers. That had to be what the dragon wanted. Her magic. Power in the wrong hands was a dangerous thing. Power in the “right” hands could also be dangerous. It was too easy to be seduced by it.

Arielle zoomed downward on a diagonal trajectory, bringing her wings in tight. The verdant hues rushed by in her peripheral view.

A blast of energy hit her. A sudden swirl of fiery colors engulfed her. What happened? The hues surrounding her straightened in horizontal lines. They coiled like a tight grip around her. She couldn’t fly as it propelled her forward, like she’d been yanked into a vortex. Had she? That would explain the sudden change of surroundings.

The dragon’s roar reached her ears.

Ach no.

That had to be it—she was in some strange sort of tunnel. With a dragon in pursuit.

Not good.

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