Excerpt from Slade – a New Friends-to-Lovers, Fake Relationship Romance!

“I can’t wait any longer,” Slade declared. “I’ve come up with a solution.” 

Caitlin narrowed her gaze. “Is there a problem I don’t know about?” 

Slade gave her a pointed look. “We just ran into one walking out of the barracks.”

“Oh.” Her gut sank. Davis. She didn’t want to talk about him. He’d consumed enough of her head space. It was bad enough that he was back and living under the same roof as her again. Slade stood up straight and paced across the tile floor. “I figured out a plan that benefits us both.”

It was hard not to gape as he prowled in her room. He was tall, built, and captivating with intense blue eyes framed by dark lashes.

She brought her fingertips together and replied, “I’m intrigued. Do tell.”

Slade stopped pacing and faced her with a determined expression. “We should get married.”

She blinked twice and her mouth fell open. He couldn’t be serious.

Could he?

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Caitlin: Slade is my best friend in the Marines. I don’t know what I’d do stationed in Okinawa without him. What he doesn’t know is that I’ve developed feelings for him. And he can’t know because it would ruin our friendship.

Slade: The way the men treat Caitlyn drives me mad. All I want to do is protect her. I propose a temporary solution–by proposing. It will be a marriage in name only, but at least I’ll be better able to look out for her.

One problem–I’m deceiving her. I haven’t told her the real reason. And I can’t let her know how I feel. If she finds out, not only is our fake relationship in peril, but our very real and very true friendship.

I can’t let that happen. She means everything to me.

So what can I do?

If you like friends to lovers and fake relationship romances, you’ll love Slade and Caitlyn’s story–a standalone romance in the Anchor Me series.

Escape into the Anchor Me series with USA Today Bestselling Author Lisa Carlisle with Navy SEALs, Marines, and hometown heroes!

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