Fiery Nights by Lisa Carlisle Out at Ellora’s Cave Today

I’m very excited to see Fiery Nights is now released at Ellora’s Cave. I can’t tell you how much I loved writing this book and the characters, Maya and Tristan.

Fiery Nights

Fiery Nights by Lisa CarlisleHe may own a Goth nightclub, but Tristan Stone avoids people—the darkness that surrounds them drains him. When he sees Maya for the first time, alone on the dance floor, a light surrounds her. He must discover who she is and what gives her power. He wants her, must have her.

Maya sees a man with haunting eyes watching her from the back of the club. She feels their connection, but thinks it’s merely physical attraction. Their passion ignites, overpowering them, and they must work together to understand their connection. The heat of their passion could send their world up in flames.

To learn more or buy now, visit Ellora’s Cave.

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