Headed to Romanticon?

As a new Ellora’s Cave author, I’m debating whether to go to Romanticon this fall or not. It looks like a rollicking good time. I mean check out the Cavemen. And the tag line: “Party like there’s no tomorrow.” Sounds like my kind of place.  But as a first-timer, I have no idea what to expect.

So I made a deal with myself. My first book with EC will be published soon. I’ve submitted the second book to my editor. If I receive good news,  that’s my sign to get a ticket. Sort of a reward. If not, well, I’ll watch from afar through Twitter updates. Am I being ridiculous?

If you’ve been to Romanticon, go ahead and convince me. Tell me how I’m a fool for not booking immediately. 😉

2 thoughts on “Headed to Romanticon?”

  1. You should go! What harm could come from it?

    It would be a great way to meet readers and other authors, and help promote your books.

    And, as you said-how could it be a bad thing with all of those cavemen walking around?

    Do it! I’ll bet you won’t regret it!

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