Lisa Carlisle Presents Tips on Revising Your Nanowrimo Novel

How many of you participated in National Novel Writing Month this past November, where you pledge to write a 50,000 novel in thirty days? Many authors love it; others hate it. I look forward to the challenge and the idea of committing myself to focusing on a novel for one month a year. So many other priorities get in the way if I let them, but in November my mantra is Nano, Nano, Nano.

This is my fourth year and I’ve come up with a post-nano revision process. At the end of November, I have a completed novel. Yeah! Yet, it is far from finished. It’s a messy first draft with a number of unnamed characters, question marks, and comments for me to address in the revisions. I wrote up some tips on the process I generally follow over at Savvy Authors.

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