Multitasking Moments – Working on Three WIPs #amwriting #amrevising

I’m not sure how this happened, but I am currently working on three works in progress. Eek! One novel needs heavy rewrites and I only tackle a few pages at a time. Another needs about a dozen or so comments to be addressed before I send it to an editor. And the third–the most fun–is in the draft writing stage. I’m having the most fun with this one as I’m getting to know the characters and feeling out their chemistry as I write. I have a pretty good idea of how the story will develop, but as the characters take shape, they’re making the story even more exciting than I envisioned at first.

I’ve also tried something new with this draft–dictating into my phone as I go out for a walk. Since I’m new at this, I often have long pauses wondering where the heck I was going with that scene, but it’s kind of nice to get outside and brainstorm. Usually, I go for a walk, a ton of ideas hit me, and I rush home to write them down before I forget!

This new draft, as of yet untitled, is an off-shoot of the Highland Gargoyles series, which is my priority of 2016. But–a gargoyle shifter isn’t the hero in this story. What is, well, that will have to be a surprise. 🙂

Here’s more about the series of hot shifter brothers!

Knights of Stone - Mason

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