New Release: The Anchor Me Collection

New Release! Anchor Me: The DeMarchis Brothers Collection

Three military brothers encounter their most complicated missions yet when women from their pasts challenge their plans for the future. Once you meet one DeMarchis brother, you’ll want them all. Get all of their romances in this new set! 

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While on leave for a seaside wedding, Angelo runs into his high school sweetheart. She’s in danger, and he only has ten days to protect her. Just ten days to win her heart… 

  • Navy SEAL hero
  • Family reunion
  • Second-chance romance 


When Vince returns to New England for the holidays, he must work with a woman he had one night with and can’t forget. Sparks reignite, but she has a rule–she won’t date anyone in the military. Can one night turn into something more?

  • Marine hero
  • Second chance at love
  • A snowy Christmas and New Year


When his best friend asks him to look out for his younger sister, Matty pretends to be her boyfriend. While protecting her, lines start to blur. What’s pretend and what’s real?

  • Wounded Navy SEAL veteran 
  • Best friend’s little sister
  • Fake relationship
  • Bonus: Fur babies! 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “A must read from a must read Author. A new favorite Author.”

Meet the DeMarchis brothers today! 


Anchor Me

Release Day for Dagon

New Release: Dagon


A reclusive demon meets his fated mate…

When I see a boat approaching my private island, I swim out to investigate. No one can invade my sanctuary. I plan to throw them off course–until I discover what’s happening on board. A man is accosting a woman. I shift into a giant sea serpent and destroy his boat in my fury.

There’s something is different about the woman I rescue. I can’t hear her thoughts the way I do with other humans. It’s refreshing after all the selfish nonsense I’ve had to endure from others.

I bring her to my island and discover she’s my fated mate. When she recovers, our connection is strong. I invite her to stay and explore, and she agrees to do so for a few days.

That’s not long enough. She’s the one–the one who can free me from my obligations to hunt. She can’t leave me–even if I have to force her to stay.

𝐀𝐬 𝐀𝐛𝐨𝐯𝐞, 𝐒𝐨 𝐁𝐞𝐥𝐨𝐰.

The hunt is on. Six demonic brothers, sworn by evil to maintain the balance of nature by eliminating the creatures that bring chaos to it. Driven only by their primal instincts to find their mates so they can protect, possess, and procreate with them. Only a blood moon eclipsing through the night sky will seal their bond and free them to chase their new prey. They’re cruel, dominating sinners with hardened souls, immense power and dynamic presences that won’t let anything stop them from finding and claiming their destiny.

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An Excerpt from Match My Fall

Match my fall



Chairlift dating was a bad idea. After my third attempt, I skied to the other side of the mountain, looking forward to spend the rest of the day alone. When I saw the black diamond trail, I wondered if I’d rushed it. It was my first day out skiing this season. Still, it was too late now. The alternative was to claw my way back uphill.

Once I positioned myself and started skiing, I eased into my stance with more confidence. I was doing okay. Sure, it was steeper than I wanted just yet, but I cut my skis into the snow with wide turns to slow me down.

But then…

What happened?

I didn’t feel myself lose balance or go airborne, but in the next second, bam! I was eating snow. Without any warning, I’d face-planted. The cold slap of snow on my skin could wake the dead.

Worse, I was moving. Oh no, I was sliding downhill headfirst—and without my skis. Where did they go? As my jacket rode up, snow slid onto my neck. What fun. I attempted to slow myself down, but it was several more heart-wrenching seconds before I halted.

I sat up and wiped the snow from my goggles. My skis must have been knocked loose in the fall. They drifted diagonally downhill in opposite directions. I winced. What a disaster.

A guy in blue skied over and retrieved one of my runaway skis. Another guy in black skied over and grabbed the other. Eek, how horrifying.

I pulled myself up to my knees and brushed snow off my face and stomach. It had already started to melt and left an unpleasant chilly wetness on my skin.

A third guy with a red jacket that indicated he was ski patrol skied over to me and stopped with expert skill. “Are you okay?” He had a deep baritone.

I glanced up at him, mortified. He was massive, as tall as a tree and blocking out the sun with his broad shoulders—or perhaps it was just this angle. I couldn’t see much of his face as he wore a helmet and goggles. Plus, the embarrassment of my graceless fall still stung.

“Yeah, I’m fine, I think.” I tried getting up and plopped back down. “Aside from my bruised ego,” I grumbled.

“Let me help you up.”

As we attempted to get me back on my feet, I stumbled. It was a terrible angle on a steep pitch of the trail. I glanced up. It was also a dangerous spot. Skiers and snowboarders came over the bump where I must have been in a blind spot as they had to swerve to avoid me. If I made it off this mountain without a collision in the next ten minutes, it would be a feat of epic sorcery.

The guy in blue who had retrieved a ski brought it over. Ski patrol guy thanked him and said, “Got it. We’re good.” The guy skied away.

As I tried to slide my foot back into the binding, it kept popping out.

“It’s flatter over there.” Ski patrol guy grabbed my ski. He then motioned ahead to the guy in black who’d retrieved my ski farther down the slope and was trying to climb up to me. “Wait there. We’ll come to you.”

Ugh, I was such an instant calamity out here that three guys had to help retrieve the pieces to put me back together. I plodded through the snow over to the side of the trail with ski patrol guy. He moved quickly downhill and retrieved my second detached ski.

When I caught up, I muttered, “Thanks.”

The guy in black ensured I was all set before he continued downhill.

Ski patrol guy wiped out snow from the binding and popped it into the proper position. He put it down beside my boot. “Here you go.”

I attempted to wedge my boot back in. Nothing. “I can’t get it in.” I tried jamming it in, hoping to end this scene soon enough.

My boot didn’t connect. Worse, the movement shot the ski forward and into the woods.

“Oh no,” I muttered. Humiliation flooded me. My cheeks burned. Now would be a good time for an avalanche to sweep me away.


My wolf stirred inside and roused with sudden alertness.

Then a deep rumble rolled from within his chest. Mate.

Don’t be ridiculous, I replied as I skied over to a snowbank. The woman’s ski had wedged itself in and peeked out, half-buried. The snow was so deep that I had to remove my skis to venture in. I popped them off and planted them upright into a snowbank.

It’s her, my wolf insisted. Can’t you sense it?

I ignored the question. I’m trying to work here.

I grabbed the bottom edge of the ski and yanked it out of its snow cave. “Got it.” I declared in victory as I lifted it for her to see.

“Oh, good!” she shouted from the side of the trail.

It was covered in snow, and I brushed off as much as I could so she’d be able to put it back on. I carried the ski over to her.

As I approached, my wolf declared, It’s her.

I suppressed a scowl and focused on doing my job. What was wrong with him for thinking a woman we barely said two words to and knew nothing about was our mate? We hadn’t even made eye contact yet. She appeared so shaken by the fall, and her face was half-covered by her mask and goggles. Blond ringlets extended from under her helmet, wet from snow—as was much of her.

“Thank you so much for your help,” she gushed with gratitude once I reached her.

“No problem.” After I brushed more snow out of the bindings, I positioned the ski beside her white boot. “Careful, it’s as slippery as a salmon,” I joked to lighten the mood. “Hold on to me for balance.”

“Okay.” She placed her hand on my shoulder and attempted to wedge her foot into the ski.

I inhaled to get a sense of what was making my wolf go so batty. She definitely couldn’t be our mate.

Read what happens next in Match My Fall! 

Match My Fall is Out Today!

Match my fall

Fall into a wickedly charming romance when Salem witch Cassandra takes a wild ride with a wolf shifter!

After I drop my daughter with my parents, I head to the White Mountains for some much-needed me time at a ski resort. My friends convinced me to try a chairlift dating event, but when date after date turns out to be a dud, I take an escape route. Only my skis send me flying off my feet, and I end up tumbling downhill like a snowball.

Ski patrol comes to my aid in the form of handsome wolf shifter Valen, and we have more chemistry than a combustible potion. Chairlift dating was a disaster, but a fling with a rugged mountain man in his cozy slopeside cabin is tempting.

Until Valen thinks I’m his fated mate…

Read a fun, paranormal, age gap romance with a surprise pregnancy that will have you on the edge of your broomstick! If you like quirky characters, awkward meet cutes, meddling matchmakers, and enchanting settings, you’ll love Match My Fall!

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New Release! Protected by the Gargoyle is out today!

Janie and Arto finally have their story–but not without trouble…

Protected by the Gargoyle

Demons are out there.

Don’t ask Janie how she knows. She wants to forget what they did to her and move on.

But when her witch friend has a premonition about a demon in Boston, Janie is forced to confront her fears. She seeks the help of her gorgeous friend and gargoyle shifter, Arto.

Little does she know that Arto considers her his fated mate. He’ll do anything to protect her, even if it means keeping his love a secret.

Janie wants to learn more about demons, so he shows her some books in the library. She reads an ancient script in a powerful old book and unwittingly summons an incubus.

The very tool Arto provided to help her instead brings her nightmares to life.

Now they must work together to stop a predator on the hunt while their friendship is tested by a growing attraction.

Demons have captured Janie before. Can they avoid that fate this time?

Find out in this paranormal adventure and dive into a world of danger, romance, and suspense!

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Spies without a Face is out Today!

Spies without a Face book cover

This midlife witch needs a vacation.

After dealing with so much dark magic in Salem, I’m giving everyone the side eye—even Austin, the new bear shifter next door. Especially after I sense someone is watching me.

Austin asks me to hide a kitten of all things. Although I’m suspicious at first, I can’t help the way I’m reacting to my handsome, way-too-young-for-me neighbor with the warm eyes and the lost soul.

I’ve sworn off dating since I broke up with my toxic ex but say yes to a “thank you for hiding my kitten” dinner.

Which is a disaster.

Worse, that same toxic ex—presumed dead for fifteen years—shows up at my door. 

He wants me back, but I’m older and wiser now. Or am I? 

For a witch content with her career in magic and with living alone with her cats, I now have my neighbor and my first love interested in me.

Dare I risk my heart at a second chance at love?

One click this fun and quirky, standalone, paranormal romance and escape into a world of magic, fated mates, and found families. 

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NEW RELEASE! Leo: A Navy SEAL Veteran Romance

A grumpy / sunshine romance


Beauty and the Beast with a Navy SEAL veteran.

Leo:  I hide in my Vermont cottage so nobody can see me.

I’ve seen the stares. I read their contemplation in their inquisitive expressions–how did I get those scars?

I refuse to spend the holidays with my parents as I’ll bring everyone down. Worried about me,  they send a caretaker. That’s not going to happen. I’ll turn her away at my front door..

When Rosanna arrives, she’s not the matron I expect. She’s young, pretty and curvy. And she comes with food to prepare dinner.

Hmm, it’s been a long time since I had a homecooked meal. Maybe I can tolerate her here for just one night.

Rosanna: I’ll do anything to avoid spending another Christmas with my stepfamily and this temporary job gives me an excuse.

When I arrive at the remote stone cottage in the woods, I’m stopped by a man with a scarred face and deep scowl. Leo turns me away. He didn’t agree to this arrangement.

I don’t have a backup plan. What am I going to do?

Fortunately, the groceries I brought to prepare dinner buy me some time. Leo agrees to let me cook for him (how generous) and to stay for one night.

Only we’re hit with more snow than expected, and I’m stuck there if I don’t want to freeze to death.

Leo will let me stay on one condition–never enter his studio.

If you like Beauty and the Beast, grumpy / sunshine, wounded heroes, dark secrets, and lost souls finding each other in romance, you’ll love escaping into Leo and Rosanna’s story!

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