Notes from Day 1 at Romanticon

Romanticon 2012I’m in Ohio at my first Romanticon for my publisher, Ellora’s Cave. I’ve been to all kinds of writing conferences before, but NOTHING like this! Everything about it is extraordinary so far–from the writers, to the sessions, to the parties, and to the hot cavemen. 😉

I arrived late Thursday night and thought I’d missed out on all the fun that day. Not so, women were still dancing in the bar with Caveman Rodney. Before I could even drink two sips of wine, he got me out onto the dance floor. Once I was out there, I didn’t leave until the party ended.

On Friday, I spent the morning working out and checking out the area where I found a cool cafe advertising pumpkin coffee so I was sold. After working on my book there, I returned to the hotel and what a shift! The afternoon began with a photo shoot. Little did I know that when I got in line to pose with the EC cavemen how sexy the poses were. By the time I saw what was going on, I was at the front of the line and it was too late to back out. I think this was my first “real” encounter with the cavemen. Giorgio picked me up and–let’s just skip to the next part, shall we? I’ll  just mention that it was a interesting and fun introduction!

Next I attended some fantastic sessions on EC’s new lines, writing erotic horror, and reviews. I mingled with other writers, who are the friendliest I’ve met at any conference, and then got ready for dinner and party.

Romanticon 2012This summer I found a sexy little dress in Harvard Square, Cambridge, which I’d been dying for an excuse to wear. And Romanticon was the perfect time. Girls nights out are rare when you’re a working mom so you have to take these moments when you can. What do you think? Plus, I could dance not just one night, but three? Hell yes!

After dinner, we were entertained by the cavemen with a few dance performances. Then we all danced and partied. Here I am with Dalton, a very cool writer I’d just met, and Caveman Eli at the Last Night of Your Life party. Dalton and I then decided to try to hula hoop with the props left by the burlesque dancers. A fellow writer up for hula hooping while in heels, a dress, and a long flowing scarf? — yes, this is definitely my kind of party!
Romanticon party

So much happened on day 1 that it seemed like an entire weekend itself. My husband asked if I was being loner Lisa (who writes in cafes) or social Lisa (who dances the night away). At Romanticon, I got to be both.

I can’t wait for day 2 to begin. Starting with Zumba with caveman Nick, lunch with fellow writers, more sessions, and another fantastic party.

Romanticon 2012

4 thoughts on “Notes from Day 1 at Romanticon”

  1. Hi Lisa!! I am so glad you enjoyed your 1st RoamtiCon! The party that never stops, memories are always there!!! It is true, one day could feel like a whole week due to so much going on!! But OH the FUN with DANCING, socializing, and SPENDING TIME WITH THE CAVEMEN is PRICELESS!!! Spending time with authors, readers, and the staff at EC help to make our dreams and goals to come true!

    Thank you for a great post and some good pics!! It was wonderful meeting you, my dear!!!

    1. It was so great to hang out with you, LisaLee! We had so much fun. Looking forward to partying with you next year. Lisa

    1. Dalton, so much fun meeting you. I’m glad you live in the area so we can get into mischief again! Or maybe we’ll be good girls and write.

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