Romanticon Part 2

Zumba with Nick and Ace was a great way to start day 2. Since I try to workout every day and the hotel gym was lacking– leaving me to run the hotel stairs or the mean streets of Canton–I was really looking forward to this. And the view wasn’t so bad. 😉Zumba with Nick

At lunch, I met up with a group of writers in the hotel. We share the same editor so it was good to meet them, discuss what we’re working on, and hear different experiences.

During the afternoon, I went to sessions on writing paranormal characters and BDSM. In both instances, I thought holy crap, there is so much I don’t know about in this world! Although the women in the BDSM panel were amazing sharing all the research that goes into writing their books, I don’t think I’ll be taking that route. Paranormal is more my style–I can invent it myself. 🙂

Finally, a writing break. I worked on my third book in the Underground Encounters series. The beginning and end were written, but the middle had a bunch of scenes I had to organize. Now that I have the order set, I’m running with the story again. I love these characters and the setting!

Rising Star at RomanticonAnd then, it was time for dinner and the Apocalypse party — survivors vs the living dead. The ball room was decorated with a spooky Halloween theme, which is my favorite theme for just about any time of year. After dinner with some new friends, they presented awards. To my surprise, I received a Rising Star award as one of the new Ellora’s Cave authors! I was so excited, I could barely sit in my seat after that. Figures, the time I receive an award is while wearing camouflage and pigtails. Only at Romanticon. I’m a former Marine and have written two books about the experience. I suspected one day my military memoirs and paranormal romances would meet–but never expected it to be quite like this! Plus, I feel very skinny next to them.

Lisa Carlisle, rising star, Ellora's Cave award

We danced, we drank, we danced some more. The night went by far too fast.

The next morning, I worked out on my own, unfortunately without cavemen. Time was running out . A quick breakfast, packing up, and off to the book signing.

I sat next to Regina Carlysle, who is as sweet as can be. I loved hanging out with her. We joked how we’re twins, although she’s a blond from Texas and I’m a brunette from Boston. And since we both write about paranormal characters, why not write a Carlysle and Carlisle book? What fun that would be. Or we’d have a good name to start a law firm.
Romanticon 2012

Every half hour the cavemen danced or the burlesque dancers came out. In other words, not your average book signing and I’m pleased to say I had a great view. Sadly, I had to leave before it was over to catch my plane. And of course, airport security had to open my bags when it was filled with swag from Romantica. Who wants to explain to security why you have a condom lollipop reading Got Sex?

It was worth the humiliation, though. Once again, I want to say how great this experience was.  I danced every night and even one morning with Zumba. The publisher, writers, and readers are all so warm, welcoming, smart, and sassy. I am so happy and proud to have joined the EC family.

Oh, and did I mention they have cavemen? Yeah, that’s right, baby!

Romanticon 2012

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  1. Oh Lisa, enjoyed Zumba with you on Saturday morning. It was exhilarating and pumping us up, a little tiring but it was inspiring to have Nick and Ace teaching; David participating (in front of me…OH MY!!!); and Georgio running the music. They were a GREAT team!!! The view was PRICELESS with Nick, Ace, David, and Georgio. Those and the other cavemen really truly care about people and how to help them accomplish different goals…fitness, writing, over-coming everyday trials; they all are an AWESOME group…YEAH CAVEMEN!!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS on your award!! Look forward to seeing more books from you my dear!!!

    Glad you found your twin in Regina!! She is a sweetheart!! And the pics you posted are hot!

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