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A Sneak Peek into the Alpha and His Enemy Wolf!

Rafe tore open the door to confront the intruder. As alpha, he’d decide if she lived or died. A woman stared at him from blazing eyes, chest rising and falling with each heaving breath. “Get me out of here!” she

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Release Day for The Alpha and His Enemy Wolf!

Negotiations have failed. War is brewing between rival packs. Mila, a Sacco wolf, is more than happy to sabotage operations at a rival’s ski resort. They’d killed an enforcer, breaking the treaty between the packs. But she’s caught red-handed and

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It’s Release Day for the Wolf and His Forbidden Witch!

Tensions are brewing between the packs. After a wolf from another pack has been killed, Grayson, beta of the Franconia pack and CFO of a mountain resort, strives to avoid more bloodshed. When negotiations sour, he brings in a witch

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New Release – Slade: A Marriage of Convenience Marine Romance

Can two friends pull off a marriage of convenience? Caitlin: Slade is my best friend in the Marines. I don’t know what I’d do stationed in Okinawa without him. What he doesn’t know is that I’ve developed feelings for him.

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A Sneak Peek into the Reluctant Wolf and His Fated Mate!

Excerpt Ski tracks veered into the woods. Uh oh. Someone might have attempted a dangerous run off trail—or they were in trouble.   As part of ski patrol, Damon’s responsibilities included ensuring that all the guests were safely off the

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One More Sneak Peek into The Reluctant Wolf and His Fated Mate!

Want a sneak peek of my new release? Read on! Excerpt After Damon took a shower, he returned to the living room, his hair damp. Sophie gaped at him. “You look good wet.” She shook her head and rubbed between

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New Release! GARGOYLES: A Shifter and Rockstar Romance Boxed Set

Stone hard shifters… Features two gargoyle stories in the Underground Encounters series, both named Night Owl Reviews Top Picks! HEAT – A gargoyle statue that’s more than stone…   Danton breaks from his curse to protect Tracy, the woman he

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New Release! Jack: A Second Chance Marine Romance

In the Marines, their relationship was forbidden. Will an unexpected reunion at a cat shelter fundraiser lead to a second chance?   Vivi: My last deployment left me wounded, ending my military career. Now I’m a college student in Boston

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An Excerpt from Matty: a Navy SEAL Romance

Matty straightened and pinned his gaze on Jenna. “Has your ex been stalking you?” The discomfort rippled through her, and she shuddered. “Not exactly.” “Jenna,” her brother Derek prodded. She sighed. “I wouldn’t go that far, but I guess some

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*** Release Day for Matty – a Navy SEAL Romance! ***

She’s my best friend’s little sister and off limits. I’m supposed to protect her, NOT fall in love. Jenna: Matty is back in Newport and that means I’m in trouble. He’s my older brother’s best friend who I’ve crushed on

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