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New Release – Slade: A Marriage of Convenience Marine Romance


Can two friends pull off a marriage of convenience?

Caitlin: Slade is my best friend in the Marines. I don’t know what I’d do stationed in Okinawa without him. What he doesn’t know is that I’ve developed feelings for him. And he can’t know because it would ruin our friendship.

Slade: The way the men treat Caitlyn drives me mad. All I want to do is protect her. I propose a temporary solution–by proposing. It will be a marriage in name only, but at least I’ll be better able to look out for her.

One problem–I’m deceiving her. I haven’t told her the real reason. And I can’t let her know how I feel. If she finds out, not only is our fake relationship in peril, but our very real and very true friendship.

I can’t let that happen. She means everything to me.

So what can I do?

If you like friends to lovers and fake relationship romances, you’ll love Slade and Caitlyn’s story–a standalone romance in the Anchor Me series.

Escape into the Anchor Me series with USA Today Bestselling Author Lisa Carlisle with Navy SEALs, Marines, and hometown heroes!

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A Sneak Peek into the Reluctant Wolf and His Fated Mate!

Reluctant Wolf


Ski tracks veered into the woods. Uh oh.
Someone might have attempted a dangerous run off trail—or they were in trouble.
As part of ski patrol, Damon’s responsibilities included ensuring that all the guests were safely off the mountain. This double black diamond trail had left more than one skier or snowboarder removing their equipment and walking down the steep pitch after discovering they weren’t up for the challenge.
He skied toward the tracks. And then it hit him like he’d suddenly bolted awake from a dream—her scent.
His wolf stirred. “We found her.”
Damon grunted. He’d been arguing with his wolf for six months, ever since Sophie had run out of that club in Massachusetts. His wolf had urged him to pursue her, insisting they couldn’t let their mate get away. But Damon had refused.
He wouldn’t let one dance with a woman upend his life and all the drama he’d struggled to keep out of it. He wouldn’t be swayed by the notion of one fated mate—especially a human.
Still, he couldn’t deny the primal need that Sophie had stirred within him when they danced. It returned now as instinctive as muscle memory.
Was he imagining it? He took another inhale. It was her, no doubt. All his instincts flared, and his focus homed to one critical task—to find her.
He took a deep breath to steady himself and tried to calm his excited wolf. He would go after her, yes, but simply because it was his job. He had to make sure this woman was safe—if she was even in the woods.
The scent was fresh though, and as he followed her ski tracks into the woods, it grew stronger. His wolf clamored inside, hyped up with tremulous anticipation.
“She’s close. Our mate!”
Damon grunted and refused to acknowledge his wolf.
The terrain was steep. She had to be an expert skier to navigate the tree line. Hmm. Maybe not. No tight turns around the trees. The path veered off to one straight line through the trees, indicating that she might have lost control.
Sophie could be hurt. Or worse.
Damon’s throat felt tight and parched. He swallowed. He would find her.
He had to find her.
The ski tracks ended and were followed by footprints. She must have removed her skis and attempted to walk. But where was she going?
Oh no, the direction was bad. She was heading diagonally across the mountain toward the Sacco pack’s territory—which was off limits to his pack.
Not good.
But Damon had to go after her.
He took off his skis as well, since it was far too dangerous to try and navigate this pitch through the dense forest. Her scent grew stronger. His wolf romped inside. “We’re close.”
And so was the boundary to Sacco lands.
Her footprints crossed it.
Damon’s heart thumped like a warning signal. He stared at the invisible boundary line between the mountains that every pack member knew not to cross.
A breach would break the treaty. Breaking the treaty could lead to a renewed battle over territory. A battle over territory could lead to full out war between the packs.
Damon had a choice. He could turn back to keep the peace and stay off Sacco land. Or…
“Find her, find her,” his wolf insisted.
Sophie could be in danger. Or a Sacco wolf could try to claim her.
Damon growled. He’d never let that happen.
In the end, he didn’t have a choice at all. Instinct took over, and he leaped across the boundary, into forbidden territory, breaking the treaty with the Sacco pack.
He had to protect Sophie.
Read what happens next in the Reluctant Wolf and His Fated Mate.
Escape into the magic of the White Mountains with the Franconia shifters in this hot new release!
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One More Sneak Peek into The Reluctant Wolf and His Fated Mate!

Reluctant Wolf

Want a sneak peek of my new release? Read on!


After Damon took a shower, he returned to the living room, his hair damp.

Sophie gaped at him. “You look good wet.” She shook her head and rubbed between her brows. “Scratch that. It sounds weird.”

He grinned. “It sounded quite nice to me.”

She put down her book on the table. “I better take a shower before dinner.”

As she walked into the bedroom, his gaze dropped to her rear. It was almost impossible not to look whenever he had the chance.

While she showered, he tried not to think of her in there. He picked up a puzzle book and flipped to a crossword puzzle, but couldn’t focus on the clues. Sophie was naked in his cabin. Only a few inches of wood kept him from her.

He stepped into the kitchen and pulled a cold beer out of the fridge. Touching the glass bottle to his forehead, he hoped it would help him cool off.

Don’t pounce on her, don’t pounce on her.

The sound of her voice came from the bathroom. She’d started singing in there, but he couldn’t place the song. How would he ignore her now? He listened to her sing and smiled. Even when she went off-key, it was practically a siren song to him.

When Sophie stepped out of the bedroom, his mouth fell open. She was stunning. Her hair was pinned up and loose tendrils framed her face. Her skin had a rosy glow as if she was as excited to see him as he her.

And her dress. He groaned. The little black dress clung to her in all the right places–all those places his hands itched to touch.

Would she ever let him?

“You look good dry,” he teased. “But I wouldn’t mind seeing you wet.”

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The Reluctant Wolf and His Fated Mate

White Mountain Shifters 1

Mates were trouble. That’s why Damon would never commit to one.


Sophie escapes to the White Mountains with her friend for a ski weekend. When she skis off trail and gets lost in the mountains, she stumbles into the path of a wolf. Only it’s bigger than any she ever thought existed, and it’s baring its fangs at her…

Damon has refused to mate with another after seeing his father go mad. When he meets a woman his wolf recognizes as his mate, the call is more difficult to ignore. And when he catches her scent on the mountain, he can’t fight it any longer. He tracks her through the forest to ensure she’s safe.

Only Sophie has stepped into another pack’s territory.

If Damon crosses the boundary, he’ll break the treaty between their packs.

Mates–not just trouble. They could lead a shifter to his death…

Fated mates and forbidden love. Escape into the magic of the White Mountains with the Franconia shifters.

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New Release! GARGOYLES: A Shifter and Rockstar Romance Boxed Set


Stone hard shifters…

Features two gargoyle stories in the Underground Encounters series, both named Night Owl Reviews Top Picks!

HEAT – A gargoyle statue that’s more than stone…


Danton breaks from his curse to protect Tracy, the woman he has longed for. He only has 24 hours before he returns to stone. 

Can he convince her to spend it with him?


BLAZE – A computer geek turned rock star…

Mike is good at playing with two things–numbers and his guitar. People, not so much. So when he stumbles upon two women having fun in the shadows at an underground club, and a bouncer urges him to get one to safety, he’s not sure how to respond. But, when he discovers she’s been bitten and her neck is bleeding, something wakes inside of him.

He’s compelled to protect her. But–why?


“The chemistry between Danton and Tracy is scorching. They make a great pair.”

~ A Night Owl Reviews Top Pick!


“I really enjoyed this book [HEAT] and would recommend this series to anyone looking for a newer take on the shifter world. I, for one, can’t wait to read the rest of the series.” ~ Nerd Girl Official

“I have LOVED reading the various PNR books by Lisa Carlisle.”

“Mike could really compete with the guys from “Big Bang Theory” but by night, he is a Rock Star God.”

“There’s a pretty good twist or two in Blaze, but you’ll have to read it to find it out!” ~ A NIGHT OWL REVIEWS TOP PICK!


New Release! Jack: A Second Chance Marine Romance


In the Marines, their relationship was forbidden.

Will an unexpected reunion at a cat shelter fundraiser lead to a second chance?


Vivi: My last deployment left me wounded, ending my military career. Now I’m a college student in Boston and volunteer at a nearby cat shelter. Spending time with the fur balls is my sanctuary from the real world.

Until a fundraiser when I run into a man I could never have. I need to escape.

I’m no longer the woman Jack remembers. No longer whole.



Jack: Active duty had its challenges, but reentry into the civilian world presents new ones. The biggest choice being what do I do next?

When my mom and sister drag me to a gala raising money for cats, I see the woman I haven’t been able to forget. We met in Okinawa and I’ve been wondering about her since we parted.

I’ll ask her to dance.

One dance. It doesn’t have to mean anything.

But it could…

One dance might lead to our second chance.

Jack is a romance in the Anchor Me series by USA Today bestselling author Lisa Carlisle. Navy SEALs, Marines, and hometown heroes — Each encounters his most complicated mission yet when a woman from his past challenges his plans for his future.

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An Excerpt from Matty: a Navy SEAL Romance


Matty straightened and pinned his gaze on Jenna. “Has your ex been stalking you?”

The discomfort rippled through her, and she shuddered. “Not exactly.”

“Jenna,” her brother Derek prodded.

She sighed. “I wouldn’t go that far, but I guess some people might call it that.”

“What does he do?” Matty asked, his voice clipped.

“He—he sends me messages or shows up at places where he knows I’ll be. He tries to convince me to give him another chance. Go out with him to dinner or for a drink. I say no.”

“Yet, he hasn’t backed off.” Matty pointed out.

“This is only a recent thing. The marriage ended badly. A few weeks ago, he said he’s had time to calm down and come to his senses. He wants me back. He swears he’d never cheat on me again.” She grunted. “Like I hadn’t heard that before.”

“I don’t like it,” Derek said. “I’ve heard too many stories like this with the situation escalating.”

Jenna exhaled. “You’re overreacting. It’s not going to go anywhere.”

“But with the way he’s not letting you go,” Matty added, “It could escalate.”

She turned to face him and sighed. “Not you too?”

“Derek’s right. You should have someone looking out for you. I’m happy to do so.”

She scrunched up her face and placed her fingers on her temples. “This isn’t some SEAL mission.”

“I know.” Matty asked. “It’s helping out a friend.”

She drummed her fingers on the tabletop. “You can’t just act like my bodyguard just because my brother is worried about me.”

“Why not?” He shrugged. “I’m free from military responsibilities and have nothing else going on for the next few weeks while I figure out what I do next. And I’m right here in Newport.”

She shook her head. “This is crazy. Just because you’re in town—and you’re available—” Possibilities tumbled through her mind and she blurted out one of them with a wave of her hand. “What are you proposing? Like, you’d act like my boyfriend to scare Roberto off?”

The second she heard her suggestion, she bit her lip but it was too late to yank the words back. Matty’s presence after all this time turned her into a hot mess, leading her to amble without grace, spill drinks, and utter half-assed ideas. Too bad an ocean wave couldn’t break through the window and sweep her away from this conversation.

Derek’s eyes gleamed. “I didn’t even think of that. Jenna, that’s perfect.”

She bit her lip and glanced at the ice cubes in her glass. Her cheeks burned. What had she just suggested? A fake relationship with her brother’s friend? One she’d crushed on so long ago?

An uncomfortable silence followed. She couldn’t even look at Matty to witness his horror at her suggestion.

Since she’d run into Matty tonight after all this time, she’d practically been auditioning for the role of the Queen of Awkward Moments.

She grabbed her glass and gulped at the liquid as if she’d find courage at the bottom of the glass. Whether he said yes or no, both could mean trouble.


“A fantastic read… I loved it.”
“Wonderful characters with personalities that pop off the page.”
“I love this story… chemistry and steam aplenty.”
“Simply wonderful!!”

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*** Release Day for Matty – a Navy SEAL Romance! ***

She’s my best friend’s little sister and off limits.

I’m supposed to protect her, NOT fall in love.


Jenna: Matty is back in Newport and that means I’m in trouble. He’s my older brother’s best friend who I’ve crushed on since we were kids. The yearning returns, leaving me just as awkward as I was back then.

Meanwhile, my ex has decided he wants to get back together. Never going to happen, no matter how hard he tries.

My heart belongs to one man.


Matty: An IED ended my career as a Navy SEAL K-9 handler. I’m living near the sea and trying to figure out my next move when Derek asks me to look out for Jenna.

Only she isn’t his annoying little sister anymore—she’s all grown up and super hot.

But every guy knows you don’t hit on your best friend’s little sister. No matter how strong the attraction—even when you’ve agreed to pose as her boyfriend to convince her ex she’s moved on.

He’s dangerous, though, much more than Jenna realizes.

So when our fake relationship starts to feel real, I’ll protect her at all costs.

Jenna belongs to me.


If you like second chance romances spiced with steam and suspense, read the Anchor Me series by USA Today bestselling author Lisa Carlisle. Navy SEALs, Marines, and hometown heroes. Each encounters his most complicated mission yet when a woman from his past challenges plans for the future.

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An excerpt from my latest shifter audiobook, HEAT!

A gargoyle statue that’s more than stone…

Tracy isn’t sure why she’s drawn to a particular statue in the Goth club where she works. When her drunk ex threatens her after her shift, stone turns to flesh…

Danton shifts to protect Tracy, the woman he has longed for.

He only has 24 hours before he returns to stone. Can he convince her to spend it with him?

Don’t Miss This Night Owl Reviews Top Pick!

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Hot New SHIFTER Boxed Set Out Today!


“This is a MUST read for anyone who likes shifters, vampires, and forbidden romance.” ~ Nerd Girl Official’s review of BURN

Dangerous Secrets and Forbidden love.

Escape into a hot underground club in two steamy shifter romances, where the statues are so much more than stone.


A guarded shifter. A nerd turned rock star.

And a forbidden attraction that can’t be ignored…

Lily won’t consider a permanent relationship. That’s challenged when she meets Nico.

He’s a computer geek by day, and rock star by night. How could she resist such a combination?

She can’t. But no one would understand her furry little secret. It could be dangerous. Especially during the full moon.

Yet, she might be the one in danger…

“The chemistry between Lily and Nico is off the charts. The sex is hot and steamy. They are a great match together in and out of the bedroom.”~ A Night Owl Reviews Top Pick!

BURN: A vampire versus shifter enemies-to-lovers romance

A vampire on the run.

A shapeshifting bounty hunter hired to capture her.

Who will outsmart whom?

Devon St. Clair, bounty hunter extraordinaire, is in hot pursuit of a thieving vampire. Vampires, he hated them. Shapeshifters and vampires didn’t mix.

But Devon wasn’t counting on spitfire Layla being his target. She’s reinvented herself as an 80s rock singer–and when he finds her, she distracts him from his mission.

The hunt is on. But, who will be predator, and who will be prey?

If you like paranormal romance and 80s rock, don’t miss BURN!

“When you sit down to read about Devon and Layla, clear your schedule because you are going to want read this one from start to finish.”

~ a TOP PICK from The Romance Reviews!


*** New Release – Vince: A Marine Romance!


She has a rule. 

He has two problems. 

But can one night lead to forever?

Emma – I’ve sworn never to date another man in the military. It’s non-negotiable. Not only was I burned, but my mom, too.

Except the hot Marine I had a one-night stand with just popped back into my life as the EOD tech I’m working with.


Especially since Vince in real life is even more irresistible than the sexy stranger at the wedding.

Too bad it won’t work. It can’t.

But maybe my fling with a Marine can turn into friends with benefits this second time around?


Vince – Before my holiday break home in Newport, I’ll be spending time with Emma–the hot caterer I had one amazing night with at my brother’s wedding.

She’s full of contradictions. And I can’t resist a puzzle. Or a beautiful woman I have chemistry with. I won’t be here for long, so we can’t enjoy ourselves for a little while?

Only two problems:


  • I’m only around for the holidays.


  • She wants nothing to do with the military.



But when someone breaks into her apartment, my interest in her grows. I need to ensure she’s safe.

Can I protect Emma while shielding both of our hearts? Or will we end up casualties in the explosion?

If you like military romance spiced with steam and suspense, read the Anchor Me series by USA Today bestselling author Lisa Carlisle. Navy SEALs, Marines, and hometown heroes — each who encounters his most complicated mission yet when a woman from his past challenges his plans for his future.