Pics from RWA15

Here’s a post from my first time at the Romance Writers of America conference in New York, after four whirlwind days at the Marriott in Times Square. Not much sightseeing this visit — so much going on with the conference!

I lucked out finding two great roomies to share a room with. Here we are exploring the madness that is Times Square.








Night one I attended the Romance Diva fest. Great to meet so many authors in the suite.




Here’s a photo of the massive book signing.









I was thrilled to meet with my fellow RomVets! We’re representing Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines here. 🙂









Here are my gargoyle pins for the indie book signing. Darkness Rising, the final part of the Chateau Seductions series, came out right before the conference so I had these cards made just in time!











The hotel was right over Times Square. It’s much nicer to look down at the craziness below rather than walk through it.

RWA Times Square