The Cover Arrived Today!

Today, I received the cover art for Smoldering Nights. I can’t describe the anticipation in the moment before opening the image.

How will they picture the characters?

Will it work with the story?

Will it show the right tone?

I opened it and stared for one long moment. They look so real. And so HOT! Look at him — he’s a perfect Luc. Oh yeah, I’d want him, too…

Um, ahem. What was I writing again? Oh yes, the cover art.

She looks just stunning. I love the intensity in her eyes. And the fire on the bottom is an awesome touch.

Then there’s my name. This is actually the cover to my book! My first book with Ellora’s Cave.

I’m working on the sequel now — a story that keeps coming to me as I write — the story and characters coming more alive each day. Well, last night there was a Word mishap and I lost two days of writing. Two days of scenes I really liked! So I was forlorn all morning thinking about how I could have spent all that time reading, spending time with family or friends, or just staring out the window if I felt like it. And then, this cover arrived at the perfect moment to inspire me to keep on writing.

Here it is — the cover!

Smoldering Nights
By Lisa Carlisle

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