Writing and Insomnia Go Hand in Hand

Are you ever lying in bed, trying to sleep, when lines of dialogue come to you? Characters start to form? Story parts come into your head?

When I’m in full writing mode, it’s difficult to sleep. The second my head hits the pillow, the lines start forming and reshaping in my head. I argue with myself — just go to sleep; you can write them down in the morning. No, get up and write them NOW. You don’t want to forget.

I’ve learned to leave a writing pad in my nightstand so I can write them down. So this morning, I’m looking over my illegible scrawls trying to decipher what I meant.

But, I’m very excited to be back in writing mode. I enjoy it much more than revision mode. Everything is fresh and exciting. I haven’t read the same words dozens of times, trying to find ways to improve it.

I love the characters so far and the dialog so far. But hey, I’m only at 250 words. I don’t know where it’s going yet.

Stay tuned for more info in this new story with some characters and scenery from Smoldering Nights!

5 thoughts on “Writing and Insomnia Go Hand in Hand”

  1. When I was younger I could write though the night, get a few ZZZZZs, and wake up refreshed. Can’t do that any more. Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t rather be writing. Just means my body pays the price.

  2. Interesting I had that happen the other night. I had gone to bed really late and could NOT believe I lay there trying to decide if I should chunk the whole thing and start over with the idea roaming my mind or stick with the way I’m writing it to the end. I forcing myself to charge ahead but I keep thinkin gi”m going to junk a lot of it in the end. But I hate when the writing decides now is the time to discuss what is going on with the story.

  3. I went to bed really late one night in fact it was almost daylight. I suddenly found my mind wandering in circles. I had been so sleepy my mind was shutting down now it was wide awake saying you can change this or that and rewrite it this way. Stop start again doing it this way. I was so frustrated I told my brain nooooooooooo I will charge ahead and delete or rewrite after I finish. I am not starting this story again.

    1. There’s something about the quietness of night that lets your mind wander, I think. Last night, I had so many ideas about my store I’m writing on, but sadly, I didn’t write them down and I’ve forgotten a few. Oh well.

  4. Jo Anne Pinney

    I tend to be a night person…so, once it gets past midnight, I get my second wind. i do some of my best writing at 2 or 3 in the morning. The problem arises when i have to get up the next morning for my ‘real’ job…. But, I haven’t lost any sleep (when I’ve been trying to sleep) over writing…. yet….

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