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Songs from the Stories

Music is always on in my house, whether I’m working, working out, cooking, gardening, and so on. And so music makes its way into my stories.

So here is a YouTube list of videos for songs mentioned in the novels. All copyright belongs to the artists. I own nothing.  This is just a list. 🙂


Here are Spotify playlists from many of the books. Enjoy!


  • Living Dead Girl – Very excited to have heard this in a local club one night; a fun, freaky video.
  • Black No. 1 – Maya’s favorite band.
  • Nike-a-Go-Go- An inspiration  for Nike’s name!
  • On the Bound – I recently saw her sing this live and realized just how good it is. Then I listened to it for two weeks straight. 🙂


  • Cinnamon Girl – From Maya’s favorite band.
  • Strange Days – In the story, they play a remix like how I heard in a club one night.
  • Hard Rock Sofa – I listened to this song repeatedly writing a scene. You’ll see when you read it.
  • Paralyzer – Speaking of hot songs…
  • Creep – Darker moments.
  • Hurt – Darker still.
  • Something I Can Never Have – For those dark, feel like shit moments.
  • Witchcraft – Because Frank Sinatra!
  • #1 Crush – When writing the end of Fire, I listened to this song repeatedly while running.
  • And more including: Billy Idol – Flesh for Fantasy, Gogol Bordello – Pale Tute, Hole – Live through This album, David Bowie – I’m Afraid of Americans, Joe Strummer – Mondo Bongo, Amy Winehouse – Back to Black album, Nina Simone…


Many of the cheeky fun songs in the story are written by the band. Ignite begins when Fire ends so there’s some overlap. Lily favors Adele while Nico listens to System of a Down.



Layla Black disguises herself as a singer of an 80s rock/metal band. Here are some of the songs their band plays as well as others in the novel:


Unwinding after listening to all the goth, rock, metal, and punk while bartending, Tracy listens to more soothing CDs at home. Here’s one she picks while having breakfast with Danton:


I had a LOT of fun writing this novel and incorporating the music into the story.

Dark Velvet

Set on a remote New England island, Savannah listens to music while writing poetry — or thinking of Antoine.


Other Playlists

Queen of the Damned Soundtrack

Just because I love this soundtrack. <3

Music from True Blood

I loved this show and the music was pretty cool.

Top Goth Songs

I don’t know half of these, but plan on checking them out.

Anything else I should add? I’m always looking for new music. Leave a comment. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Playlists”

  1. Hi there!
    I really like your website and congrats on your new books. As far as your playlist, I went through and added your songs to my downloaded list. They’re songs I’ve always liked just never think of to download at the time. Thanks!
    Jodie Pierce

    1. Fantastic, Jodie! I have two more playlists coming so come back again soon. Or follow me on Facebook/Twitter. Thanks!

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