A Sneak Peek into the Alpha and His Enemy Wolf!

Alpha and his enemy wolf

Rafe tore open the door to confront the intruder. As alpha, he’d decide if she lived or died.

A woman stared at him from blazing eyes, chest rising and falling with each heaving breath.

“Get me out of here!” she spat.

How dare this fiery intruder demand anything from him?

“You will not command me to do anything.” He stormed over to her, intent on showing her who held all the power in this situation. “You were caught trespassing. Negotiations are dead. You are now under my command, and I will decide what happens to you.”

As he approached, her scent reached him. It was clearly that of a Sacco wolf and something more.

Something devastating.

It’s her! His wolf declared with glee.

No. No. He’d never allow it.

She was his enemy, NOT his mate.

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