** A Snippet from FIRE, a Fiery #pnr by Lisa Carlisle **


“I don’t want to spoil the story but let me say this… you NEED to go and read this, NOW!” ~ 5 Candles from Satin Sheets Romance.

FIREMaya Winters, a firefighter, heads out on Halloween to dance at her favorite club. A man with haunting eyes watches her from the back of the club. He’s just her type–a dark, brooding bad boy. She feels their connection, but thinks it’s merely physical attraction.

Despite being the new owner, Tristan Stone avoids people in the underground goth club due to his curse. But when he spots a woman dancing alone surrounded by an unusual glow, he must discover who she is and what gives her the radiating power.

While they work together to understand their connection, passion ignites, leading to danger. And the heat could send their world up in flames.

Fire is book 2  in the Underground Encounters series, set in a club that attracts supernatural creatures. Step into Vamps, a thrilling new world of steamy paranormal romance featuring sexy shifters, thirsty vampires, wicked witches, and gorgeous gargoyles.

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One figure on the dance floor caught my eye. She glowed with a light around her unlike any I’d encountered before. Her bright spirit overwhelmed the darkness that surrounded the others. I watched as she danced, oblivious to those around her. Her light mesmerized me. For the first time I’d been around people other than my family, I wasn’t overwhelmed by darkness.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her. What was it she had?

Then she stopped and looked at me. Even though the club was dark, her light revealed her eyes were a brilliant blue.

When our eyes met, I saw her more clearly. A sadness buried deep within this bright spirit. Whereas others’ pain usually repelled me, her pain filled me with compassion. What was hiding there so deeply within this light? What hurt her? Suddenly I wanted to protect her from any pain.

Her light was magnetic; it drew me in. Now that her captivating eyes were staring back at me as well, I became unnerved.

I turned away and disappeared down the back stairwell. Safely in my lab, I sat in my leather chair in the corner I dubbed the library and thought.

What was she?

What would explain the light?

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