Happy Holidays from Lisa Carlisle!

It’s Christmas Eve and we’re frantically wrapping presents, making cookies, cooking side dishes, decorating the gingerbread house, sending out last minute Christmas cards, and so on. You may be doing the same at your house. In all the multi-tasking, I had a little snafu. Grabbed the sugar cookie dough instead of pizza dough to make pizza the other night. Christmas cookie pizza anyone? I thought it was sweet and savory. My husband has banned me from the kitchen until his cookies are safely baked!

I’m happy that my family is all here and we’re together. Last night we finally went to see the new Star Wars movie. I won’t give any spoilers. It’s been difficult running from any mention of Star Wars these past few days to avoid hearing any spoilers.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and joyous holidays!


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