*** It’s Release Day for CURSED – a #gargoyle #shifter story! ***

Never cross a witch.

Gargoyle shifter Lucan is finding that out the hard way. What he thought was a fling turns out to be the mistake of a lifetime when he discovers she’s bats**t crazy.

And has cursed him with dark magic.

Not only Lucan, but his brothers, Danton and Mattias as well. The vengeful witch locks them in stone and clouds their memories.

She has stolen their free will. How will they cope with the curse?

CURSED is a prequel in the Underground Encounters series, set in a gothic club that attracts supernatural creatures.

Meet the three gargoyle shifters who guard at Vamps. Each hero appears in a separate story in the series.

· Danton in HEAT
· Lucan in INFLAME
· Mattias in TORCH

Damaged heroes, fated mates, and forbidden love–find those and more at Vamps. Escape into a thrilling new world of steamy paranormal romance featuring sexy shifters, thirsty vampires, sensual witches, and gorgeous gargoyles!


Underground Encounters series
Each can be read as a standalone.

Book 1: SMOLDER (a vampire / firefighter romance)
Book 2: FIRE (a witch / firefighter romance)
Book 3: IGNITE (a feline shifter / rock star romance)
Book 4: BURN (a vampire / shapeshifter rock romance)
Book 5: HEAT (a gargoyle shifter romance)
Book 6: BLAZE (a gargoyle shifter rockstar romance)
Book 7: COMBUST (vampire / witch romances)
Book 8: INFLAME (a gargoyle shifter / witch romance)
Book 9: TORCH (a gargoyle shifter / werewolf romance)

Available at Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited. Start the Underground Encounters series today!


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