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Welcome to My Sexy Saturday. This week I’m sharing seven more paragraphs from my new release, Dark Stranger, part 3 in the Chateau Seductions trilogy, which Books and Beyond Fifty Shades just gave Five Stars to. Here’s a bit of the review:

“I have read the first 2 books in this series and could not wait to get my hands on this one; and I was not disappointed. The thing I love most, is that while this is a story about paranormal creatures, you can still relate to the trial and tribulations that they go through. You can relate to how each character is feeling, even though you are nothing like them.”

Dark Stranger is part 3 in Chateau Seductions, bringing the characters back who were introduced in Dark Velvet and Dark Stranger. The series is set at an art colony in a castle on a remote island. It’s a tranquil space for artists, writers, and musicians to work–and perhaps find romance.

Dark Stranger

Chateau Seductions Part 3

DarkStrangerWolf shifters come to Chateau seeking a missing pack member. During an altercation, Cameron Stevens, the manager of the art colony, is separated from the others. He ends up alone with Nadya, one of the female shifters.

Together, in the forests of DeRoche Island, they struggle against conflicting feelings. In addition to battling each other as well as their mistrust, they fight a powerful, inexplicable attraction to one another—one that leaves them irrevocably entwined.

They’re mates? Cameron can’t comprehend or accept such a thing is possible. They’re two different species and their worlds don’t mesh. He can’t fight the heated desire burning between them and her touch is impossible to resist. His heart and mind aren’t on the same page where she’s concerned. One thing is certain—Nadya is stamped on both.

Paranormal, Erotic Romance
Shifters, vampires, gargoyles



A full minute later, the door opened. A male with dark hair and deep guarded eyes answered. Strong jawline, rough stubble, muscular frame. A rough masculine look that appealed to her, but something else about him arrested her. Something she couldn’t quite place.

“Can I help you?”

His voice was calm and deep, a rich baritone that flowed through her with sensual fluidity. Her wolf senses flared in a visceral reaction, and tiny flickers of awareness sparked through her like a steadily moving brush fire. She almost forgot why they were there until Viktor spoke. What on earth was happening?

“I’m Viktor, this is Douglas and Nadya. We’re looking for a man who went missing months, ago.” He held up a photo of Alec. “Have you seen him?”

While the man glanced at the photo, she inhaled, taking in his scent. Human. One who had a woodsy scent as enchanting as the forests. Wonderful.

“No. I’m afraid I haven’t seen him.”

He was lying. It was obvious in the change in tone as it became carefully measured. The sudden avoidance of eye contact, followed by a direct wide-eyed look to counter it. By his body language, he knew far more than he admitted. The question was—why?

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