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Today’s the big day — the release of the third book in the Highland Gargoyles series! I’m so excited, I could barely sleep. I love writing this series with the brothers in the Knights of Stone.

Out Now! Knights of Stone: Bryce

Highland Gargoyles Book 3

Knights of Stone: BryceWhat happens when love interferes with plans, during the most unfortunate of times?

Gargoyle shifter, and the last of her clan, Mairi, is running for her life, desperate to keep hidden. When she spots two winged creatures flying high above her in the Highlands of Scotland, she momentarily panics, thinking they’re the same beasts who murdered her family along with her entire clan. Realizing they’re gargoyles like her, she takes flight and discreetly follows them to an island.

Bryce, beta of his clan and drummer for the Knights of Stone, senses something is amiss on the Isle of Stone. At first, he believes he’s merely discomfited by the rumors of atrocities occurring in the Highlands. However, he discovers an intruder on the magically-concealed island home. Once he ascertains that the flame-haired beauty is the sole survivor of a traumatizing attack, he returns to the Highlands to warn his former clan.

Somewhere between cautioning the clan and realizing the necessity of destroying the beasts that threaten them all, Mairi and Bryce discover an attraction that quickly evolves into a consuming passion. A problem even greater than the murderous fiends becomes apparent – the love they share may not survive the battle.

For a unique shifter romance series with hot men in kilts, read about the brothers in the Knights of Stone today!

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Knights of Stone Mason

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