New Release! Knights of Stone: Lachlan – A #Highland #Shifter Romance

Out Now! Knights of Stone: Lachlan
Highland Gargoyles Book 2

Knights of Stone LachlanAs the new alpha of his gargoyle clan, Lachlan takes on a leadership role at the historic peace talks between the wolf shifters and tree witches. Cooperation is crucial to their survival. The magical veil over the Isle of Stone is weakening. But unity is hard to achieve when tensions are running high. So is Lachlan’s concentration when a sexy wolf shifter rushes to the talks. Her wild beauty is mesmerizing.

Raina has her hands full with pack problems, from pack mates succumbing to blood lust to animosity toward her species. The source of her problems is clear-the gargoyles. If they hadn’t lured the humans to the island with their unconventional rock concerts, she wouldn’t have to deal with the fallout. She wants nothing to do with them, especially their alpha. His not-so-surreptitious glances are hard to miss. Nope. Not the kind of attention she needs. She’s heard rumors of the rebellious, attention-seeking rockers–and of their endless string of females.

But when humans come to investigate the wolf attacks, Lachlan and Raina must work together to coerce them off the island. And time spent together sparks a forbidden attraction. If unexpected love were their only problem, they’d be able to deal with it. It’s not. Time is running out, for them and their island.

“I started reading this book and in what seemed like minutes I was hooked. I could not put this book down. It was funny, sexy, and fascinating.”
“If you like shifter books, romance, and hot alpha men, you have to read this series. These magical creatures will bring a smile to your face and maybe put you in a happy place.”
~ 5 Stars from Alpha Book Club!
“This is a fantastic story about three different types of beings… the ending is quite beautiful!”
~ 2 girls who love books blog

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If you haven’t read part 1 in the series, it was just named a Staff Pick at All Romance! 

Knights of Stone: Mason

Knights of Stone - MasonGargoyles, tree witches, and wolf shifters have divided the Isle of Stone after a great battle twenty-five years ago. When Kayla, a tree witch, hears about the unconventional rock concerts in the gargoyle’s territory, she sneaks from her coven and into their territory to see for herself. Night after night, she returns to see one in particular shift into human form and play guitar at these unconventional shows.

For several nights, Mason has kept watch for the pixie-like female. He plans to seduce her, thinking she’s a visitor from another island. When he discovers she’s one of the tree witches, he retreats, attempting to keep his distance. The temptation is strong, but forbidden.

Kayla and Mason attempt to meet in secret, but other elements on the isle command their attention. A magical cloak created by the three clans on the island is thinning, leading to repercussions for all the clans. Kayla and Mason are caught in the middle of it, and their actions may change the fate for all.

This novella was originally released as part of the USA Today bestselling Highland Shifters paranormal romance boxed set.

A STAFF PICK at All Romance!

“Kayla and Mason fall in love despite their differences, despite being different. It is a new way of telling Romeo and Juliet. You cannot be with them because of something their ancestors did, and the kids saying I do not care about that, I want to be with them regardless. A lesson many of us need to learn. I would recommend this book to anyone wanting something a little different from their normal.”
~ 5* from Books and Beyond Fifty Shades

I love a paranormal book that has multiple beings, in this book there are Gargoyles, witches and  wolf shifters. The plot has twists and turns taking you through such a unique and mysterious world… Great story, great characters… Very unique!” 
~ Up All Night, Read All Day Book Reviews

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3 thoughts on “New Release! Knights of Stone: Lachlan – A #Highland #Shifter Romance”

  1. cool,cool,cool, now you can stop getting comments from me asking when is book 2 coming,I have asked I think about a month after I finished the first one in an anthology lol and you had so many projects going on that you couldn’t commit to a date but I kept asking and whoa I get on my computer today as I have been offline for a week and there it was.Im not even going to finish reading my emails today just so I can start reading Laclan’s story and then get the review permalinked to you lol Thanks to you and your muse for getting it written and posted so fans can read and enjoy it which I know I will because I loved Mason’s story!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks, Sharon! I’ve working on revisions to Bryce’s story, which is coming out next. So hopefully it will be ready for within the next few months.

      1. lol I am already 1/3 of the way thru Laclan’s story, then Ill be wanting Bryce’s but I wont start asking about it till the summer months LOL well back to Lachlan now…..

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