New Release – Pursued: A Vampire Blood Courtesans Romance

Released Today!

Have you read the Blood Courtesans series? If not, and you like paranormal romance, I highly recommend it. I read many of the books and loved them and was thrilled to join the other authors in this series. Pursued: A Vampire Blood Courtesans romance is out today, as well as other books in the series! Each book can be read on its own.

Pursued: A Vampire Blood Courtesans Romance

 MiaIt was only meant to be three nights…

After watching my mother die, becoming a Blood Courtesan is key to my future in medicine. With loans racking up, all I have to do is pretend I want the money for tuition, and I’m hired. No one can know the real reason for wanting this job.

But it isn’t as easy as it first seems. On my first night as a courtesan at a ball in Salem, I meet vampires for the first time—and flee.

Vampires are not easily dissuaded. And one in particular, Renato, offers me a proposal I find difficult to resist. He has a dark, smoldering appeal that lures me in. Plus, I might gain the insight I seek.

I’m supposed to provide a service and will be paid well for it. But my feelings complicate our arrangement—and endanger my life.

It was only meant to be three nights, but can I walk away now?

Welcome to the shadow world of Blood Courtesans…where vampires are real and blood is a commodity.

It’s not supposed to be about love…until it is.

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“I absolutely love these Blood Courtesan Romances, they portray such a passionate and human side to vampires, that they are just as capable of showing compassion.  They just need someone to bring it out, after all they too were human once.” ~ Read Our Thoughts Book Blog

“Holy Vamp-a-licious hotness! Another fabulous addition to Michelle Fox’s awesome “Blood Courtesans” series! … I devoured this captivating, fast-paced story in record time, and then was left craving more! … Ms. Carlisle has a magical way with words, weaving enchanting stories with delectable characters that seem to jump right off of the pages! … “Pursued” is a phenomenal PNR Contemporary Romantic Suspense must read with fantastic attention to detail and some twists and turns that will keep the reader engaged & turning pages! … Oh, and don’t forget to wear gloves due to the smoking hot sexy scenes!” ~ Goodreads reviewer

“This book sucked me in right away, no pun intended. I wasn’t sure what to expect in this series but was really excited to read the books of various authors in it… Renato was the perfect vampire. He isn’t stereotypical. Not too overbearingly Alpha and not too Twilight. He seemed more real. This made the story seem more real and was the perfect escape from everyday life. I loved it!” ~ Goodreads reviewer

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