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Welcome to the first Annual Smile Somebody Loves You New Years Eve Blog Hop. I am starting off the new year with a new release. Red Sage is releasing A Marine’s Proposal, my novella set on the exotic island of Okinawa, Japan, on January 1st. So  I’ll be on my computer all day busy with all the details involved with a new release! As an author, I can’t think of a better way to start the new year. We get very excited about these things. We don’t sleep, we can’t sit still. We pace with excitement and anxiety about our addition to the family. 😉

A Marine’s Proposal

A Marine's Proposal by Lisa Carlisle

When Slade Masters, her closest friend in the Marine Corps, proposes to her, Caitlyn O’Neill lets her thrill overshadow the catch. It’s a marriage in name only. Slade thinks a temporary marriage is the perfect solution to their problematic living situations in the barracks. Despite her reservations about the deceit involved, Caitlyn is thrilled to live off-base and experience the culture of the island of Okinawa, Japan, as a local—especially with Slade. Swept up in the excitement of apartment hunting and planning a wedding, she silences the anxiety within and goes along with Slade’s plans. They struggle to fight their growing attraction while acting on their script. On their wedding night, their bodies heat up with the thrill of being so close. Desire intensifies during a heated moment on the dance floor. How can they play off the charade of their marriage now that they have complicated their arrangement? Have they ruined their plan or will they find a way to continue? Or has their passionate night together uncovered hidden desires impossible to ignore?

Available at Red Sage

I hope this is the start of many new releases coming out in 2014. I’ve completed the first draft of a paranormal erotic romance in my Underground Encounters series with Ellora’s Cave. Gargoyle’s Embrace just came out. It’s a sexy shorter story in the series, what they aptly call “Quickies.”

gargoylesembrace_msrGargoyle’s Embrace

Fifth in the Underground Encounters series. Tracy isn’t sure why she’s drawn to a particular gargoyle statue in the Goth club where she works. After the stone takes human form to protect her from her abusive ex, she brings the handsome, naked male to her apartment. It’s impossible to ignore the seductive appeal of a man sculpted like a Viking warrior. Danton has only hours in human form to spend with the woman he has hungered for. He’s convinced what’s between them is more than hot sex, but he needs to convince Tracy of that before he turns back to stone.

A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Buy now at:
Ellora’s Cave
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Four Hot Gargoyle Angels from the Indy Book Fairy!

How about you? What are you looking forward to in 2014? Enter my Rafflecopter entry for a chance to win one of two digital copies of Gargoyle’s Embrace.
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8 thoughts on “New Year’s Blog Hop with Lisa Carlisle”

  1. A happy and healthy New Year is definitely something I’m looking forward to. My son safe (deployed for all of 2014) and more published in 2014.
    Thank you for joining our hop!

  2. Oh my gosh, your gargoyle book sounds wonderful. I am looking forward to keeping focus on my keyword– gratitude. Publishing a holiday story is something I also want to be organized enough to do. Here’s to meeting our writing, publishing, and promotional goals! 2014 blessings to you and yours.

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