Book Spotlight: Fantasy Reality by Jude Liebermann

I’d like to welcome Jude Liebermann back to my site. Jude has a new release out, Fantasy Reality.

Fantasy Reality

fantasyElla has a fantasy about her favorite movie star, but the last thing she ever expects is for it to come true. She wakes up in a strange place with the man of her dreams tied up, naked and defenseless. They’re being held captive and won’t be released until she has her way with him. What’s a gal to do? But then things aren’t as they appear, and she and Ryan are thrown into the middle of a situation neither of them expected. This short story does contain erotic sexual situation. No one under the age of 18 should read it.


Ella shifted and suddenly realized she wasn’t in her comfortable bed.  A hard floor spread out beneath her, and then she remembered being grabbed from behind. Her eyes shot open as she pushed up to her knees and glanced quickly about the small dark room.  Except for a cot in one corner and a bucket in the other, there was nothing else, not even a window.  The door wasn’t even a door but looked more like a hatch, and everything was wood from the floor to the walls and finally the ceiling.  At first she thought she was alone before she realized that someone was prostate on the cot.  The light was dismal but as her eyes adjusted, she realized there was rope tied around the legs of the cot.  It wrapped around the spread feet of whoever lay there, and she could almost make out the rope tied at the wall end around thick masculine wrists.

She gasped as she realized a man was tied up in there with her.  Not wanting to stand, Ella crawled over to the cot to get a better look.  Her mouth fell open as she realized she knew him. Well, not really knew him personally, but he was one of her favorite movie stars.  She swallowed the lump in her throat and pulled herself up to her knees to look him over.  A beige towel covered him from his chest to his knees, and as she watched his chest, it moved up and down.

“You’re alive,” the words escaped in a breathless whisper.  Dropping her gaze to her wrists, she wondered why she wasn’t tied up.  They had trussed him up like a prized turkey but left her fully dressed and on the floor.  Forcing her gaze back to the celebrity, she licked her suddenly dry lips and had to clear her throat twice before she found her voice.

“Ryan?”  She wanted to rub the bruise on his forehead, assuming it happened when he was abducted.  He would certainly have fought, since it was doubtful he was as easy to grab as she had been.  Then the question surfaced in her mind, why her?  She was a nobody.  If they would kidnap a popular actor like Ryan, why hadn’t they taken an equally popular actress?  Had they made a mistake and thought she was someone famous?  Ella racked her brain trying to think of any celebrity she might look like but came up blank.  “Ryan?” She tried again a bit louder, tapping his cheek gently.  Looking at the ropes, she wondered if she should untie him.

“Oh, good, you’re finally awake.”

She yelped and spun around, looking for the owner of that voice, but the hatch was still closed.  Finally looking up, she was horrified to see what resembled a skylight in the far corner of the ceiling, and a masked face gazed down at her.  Ella’s back slammed against the edge of the cot, and she inadvertently grabbed Ryan’s ankle as the bed moved under her weight.  He moaned and shifted behind her, but she didn’t take her eyes off the masked figure above them.

“What do you want? Why are we here?”

“I’m not ready to answer either of those questions just yet, but I will give you a hint.”

She held her breath, knowing she wasn’t going to like what the strange voice said.  It was so ruddy, she couldn’t even identify if their captor was a man or a woman.

“There is a reason Ryan is naked beneath that towel.  I know you like him, Ella, so why don’t you sneak a look?”

She didn’t know what bothered her more, the fact this person knew their names, or having it confirmed that Ryan had been stripped completely.  Cursing the hot blush coursing through her cheeks, she dropped her chin to hide it from the mask.

“I don’t want to look.”  A mixture of fear and excitement raced through her, as she let her gaze move from his spread legs to his towel-covered crotch.

“Liar.”  The laugh thrown down at her made the hair on the back of her neck stand on end.

Ryan moaned and turned his head toward her.

“Ryan, please wake up.”

A pained expression filled his features, and his eyelids began to flutter.

“Wakey wakey, this is your wake up call.”  The strange voice bounced off the walls.

His eyes snapped open, and his gaze locked with hers.  Confusion and pain warred as his mouth opened.  Then he realized he was tied up and glared at the ropes.  He suddenly glared at her and sat up as much as the ropes would allow.

“Untie me right now.”  His voice was surprisingly calm but dangerous.

The towel covering his chest slid down, catching both of their attention.  He didn’t have much hair on his chest, but there was a small patch on his lower abdomen that disappeared beneath the towel still covering his crotch.  Without thought, she licked her lips, struck with the unwanted desire for the towel to be gone.

“What the fuck?”  A murderous glare sent in her direction had her scampering away from him and the cot.

“Untie me now, bitch!”

Tears filled Ella’s eyes to have her heartthrob yelling at her.  She hopelessly shook her head and pointed to the ceiling.  Ryan’s glare evaporated as he looked up, confusion replacing it on his chiseled features.

“Welcome to the party, Ryan.  Try not to blame poor Ella, since she’s as much of a captive as you are.”

His mouth agape and face expressionless, his gaze once again met hers.  “What’s going on?”

“I don’t know.  I only awoke a few moments before you did.”  Drawing her knees up to her chest and wrapping her arms tightly around her legs, she rocked back and forth.

“I’m sorry I called you a bitch.”

His unexpected compassion released the floodgates, and the repressed tears slid down her cheeks.  Hiding her face in her knees, she wiped her cheeks against them.

“Can she please untie me?”

She lifted her head at his request, following his gaze to the skylight.  The mask silently gazed down and shook his head.  Ella decided to think of him as a man, since she couldn’t imagine a woman being so demented to pull this off, whether or not she could.  It suddenly occurred to her that this man knew her.  Was he a stalker or did she know him?  He obviously knew that Ryan was her favorite movie star, but how would he know her secret fantasy of having her way with him?  It wasn’t as if she had told anyone that, other than writing it in her journal.  Was that it?  Had he been in her home and read her journal?  A shiver ran down her spine, and she cringed.  But how could he get his hands on Ryan, who lived hundreds of miles away?

“Sorry, Ryan, while I doubt Ella is strong enough to break out of here, I don’t doubt you could. I need you right where you are…and I need her mobile.”

She didn’t like how he said that last part.  It sounded sexual, and her fear was confirmed. Ryan was naked beneath the towel and tied to the cot.  Reluctantly raising her gaze to his face, she tried not to blush but could feel the heat rising.  Comprehension flashed across his gorgeous face, and he shook his head.

“No fucking way!”  Ryan struggled fiercely with the ropes, tugging so hard that his face turned red and the veins in his biceps bulged.  Ella bit on her knuckle, feeling utterly helpless.  Would the Mask actually expect her to fuck Ryan as he lay there bound?  How was that even possible?  He was furious.

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