Book Spotlight: Tangled Bliss by Rebecca Airies

Tangled Bliss

Chelsea Ash healed plants, but she can’t fix her own problems. Alexander Woods, a gorgeous, new deputy in town and her boyfriend, refuses talk about part of his past, leaving her wondering what he’s hiding. On top of that, a stalker is sending her creepy gifts and stealing her sense of safety.

Alexander is building a new life in Alden Glen. He wants a home after years of hunting the tainted. Chelsea is sexy, sweet and the sensual hunger explodes between them. He’s not walking away from her. Even as they untangle the mess of their relationship, the stalker escalates his attacks. Alex will have to use all his skills to protect Chelsea and claim the future he’s always wanted.

Content Note: This book contains scorching sex scenes and adult language. It’s intended for Adults 18 and over.



Chelsea turned into the drive of her little cottage in the trees. Bright pink, blue and yellow flowers bordered the driveway. She stopped at the side of her cream-colored house.

Even as she gathered her things, her mind already focused on the long, hot shower she planned. It was good to be home. She looked forward to a great date with Alexander tonight. The thought that it might be one of the last dates she had with him did depress her.

Unless the man began revealing more about himself. With a sigh, she shook her head. She didn’t see that happening without some drastic intervention.

She got out of the car and walked up the flower-lined path. The scent of roses surrounded her, making her feel at home. Just before the front step, a sudden wave of nausea hit her. She took a deep breath. The sick sensation continued, but it didn’t come from within her.

She stopped and focused. The troubling impressions came from her left. She looked at a rose bush near the corner of her porch. Something different about the feel of the plant pulled her toward the bush.

She strode over to it. Her hand lifted, but she stopped before she touched the plant. The odd sensations coursing through her body caused her to hesitate. She frowned when she saw the problem. The leaves drooped. Yellow blotches discolored the vibrant green foliage. The energy pulsing from it wasn’t normal, even from a sick plant. Something was off.

What the hell had happened to it? The leaves had been fine this morning. They’d been vibrant green.

Several buds had stood tall, reaching for the sun. She’d looked forward to watching the petals unfold.

Now, those same unopened flowers sagged. The sepals, which protected the petals, had withered.

This was not normal.

Especially for the home and surroundings of an Aelfir gifted with the ability to heal and grow plants.

A brush of her fingers could open closed blooms. The transfer of energy into the plant could help mend disease or breaks in stems and branches.

She itched to heal those plants, but the sudden withering struck her as strange. She wanted it checked by someone who could detect the type of energies within the plant.

Maybe she was being too cautious. On the other hand, maybe not. After the weird letters and gifts sent to her, she didn’t want to take the chance.

Chelsea would call as soon as she made sure that was the only thing wrong. She headed into her house, passing through the living room and into the dining room. One step into the room, she stopped.

She stared at the dining table. Her breath caught in her throat.

A wrapped gift sat on gleaming dark brown wood. A green ribbon wrapped around the stark white box. An elegant bow perched on top of the package.

Her stomach dropped. Nausea and dread rose. Fear sent a shiver skating down her spine. Someone had been inside her house.


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Rebecca Airies writes paranormal, fantasy and sci-fi/futuristic romance. She loves reading,

writing, crafting, a good cup of tea, chocolate and snuggly kitties. She’s been writing stories since she was

in her teens, at first trying to get over that elusive hump and finish a story. She loves creating new worlds,

especially anything paranormal and fantasy related. You can usually find her working on multiple WIP at

a time and she likes nothing more than losing herself in those worlds and characters.

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