#Halloween is Coming! Fiery Nights by Lisa Carlisle

It’s October 1st, which means Halloween is only 30 days away! This is my official day I can start decorating the house with all sorts of spooky fun. Every year, I add more bats, gargoyles, and other dark decor.

My paranormal erotic romance Fiery Nights opens on Halloween night. Maya has spent the past several months holed up in her apartment, only leaving to work as a firefighter or go on a few crappy dates. When Halloween comes around, she dresses up as a pirate wench to go to her old favorite haunt, an underground Goth nightclub, Vamps. When she meets the new owner, Tristan Stone, her nights of solitude are replaced by nights of passion, heartache, and self-discovery both in understanding her own powers and Tristan’s dark abilities.

Fiery Nights

Fiery Nights by Lisa CarlisleHe may own a Goth nightclub, but Tristan Stone avoids people—the darkness that surrounds them drains him. When he sees Maya for the first time, alone on the dance floor, a light surrounds her. He must discover who she is and what gives her power. He wants her, must have her.

Maya sees a man with haunting eyes watching her from the back of the club. She feels their connection, but thinks it’s merely physical attraction. Their passion ignites, overpowering them, and they must work together to understand their connection. The heat of their passion could send their world up in flames.


When I heard a remix of Type O Negative’s Cinnamon Girl, I left my drink at the bar to slink my way amid the gyrating bodies. My favorite band, one of my favorite songs. Tragic that the super-hot singer died so young.

In a sea of black-clad bodies, I blended right in. It had been months since I danced, but I quickly found my rhythm and lost myself in the music, dancing with the crowd. I didn’t feel the least bit self-conscious that I was alone.

That is—until I felt his eyes on me.

You know the feeling when someone is watching you and you’re suddenly aware of it? I felt that and looked up. A tall guy dressed all in black—naturally—stood alone at the right side of the bar.

Something about that gaze arrested me and I stopped dancing. Dark eyes, almost black, on a face that looked as angelic as a young Jim Morrison. The black hair was a devil-may-care length, past his chin but not quite to his shoulders. Instead of the rock star’s signature black leather pants, this guy was wearing a cape over dark clothing.

His eyes defied the angelic appearance. Dark, penetrating eyes. The eyes of someone who was troubled—maybe haunted.

Why was he staring at me like that? Didn’t he know my weakness was a dark, brooding bad boy?

My lips parted as if they wanted to say something. But what did I want to say? And he couldn’t hear me anyway.

And then with a swoop of his cape, he was gone.

I stood there for a few more moments trying to process what just happened. Was some hot guy in the corner watching me? Who then took off with a flourish of his cape?

It seemed very Bela Lugosi-ish—another dark, brooding bad boy. I tried to shake off my confusion as Cinnamon Girl ended.

The DJ mixed in a version of David Bowie and Trent Reznor’s I’m Afraid of Americans. It took me another moment or two to brush off the effect that dark stranger had on me. I thought to hell with that guy and then got back into my groove.


“There is steamy sizzling hotness and then totally pure romance that makes you awww out loud! The HEA (Happily Ever After) is one of the best I’ve read and I highly recommend this story to anyone and everyone! ~ Satin Sheets Romance

“Fiery Nights is an imaginative tale about witches and elementals, vampires and plain old creepy people… the plot was entertaining, the setting was well defined and the sex scenes were yummy.” ~ You Gotta Read.

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