Headed to Romanticon! #rcon13

Tomorrow I head back to Ohio for my second Romanticon, the phenomenal conference put on by my publisher Ellora’s Cave. I’ve been looking forward to this pretty much since I returned last year. Why? Well, last year was my first time attending. I was a new author and didn’t know anyone. So going in was intimidating. But I was very excited to write for Ellora’s Cave and wanted to be part of this event.

My reservations vanished when I discovered how welcoming everyone was. Within the first hour, I was dancing with everyone at the welcome party. The conference got better and better. Nights out dancing when you’re a mom are rare, but I danced all weekend. The panels were fun and taught me all kinds of things I didn’t know. Zumba with the caveman was a blast. My final day was at the book signing. I met some lovely authors and readers and even sold some books!

Oh, I almost forgot the most perfect way to top this off. At an awards party, I was given a Rising Star award. I’m holding it in the picture with the Cavemen. Can you see why I’m excited about returning this year?

Rising Star at Romanticon

This year promises to be even better. I’ve met many more authors and readers online and am looking forward to meeting them in person. I met my fabulous editor  at the Book Expo American in NY earlier this year and will see her again. Also, I’m on a panel with three other authors who have written books for the On the Hunt theme, which came out earlier this year. So we’ll be leading readers on a fun scavenger hunt for some great prizes.

Stay tuned for more from this year’s Romanticon!

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